One crazy day at a life!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm back... :-)

I think I've decided to start blogging again.

Over the last 18 months, I found it too challenging to find time to post and stay home with my son (for the first year) and then working and spending time with the baby and husband.

So what we've been up to!  Well we bought a house, sold our old townhouse, and were temporarily homeless for 2 weeks in between house closing dates last September.  Boy, am I glad that we decided to move before our 5 year plan since staging a house with a toddler would be impossible.

Baby boy, Kaleb, is now 18 months and has finally decided to join the land of the walking.  It took him until the week before his 18 month birthday.  He liked being carries around apparently:-)   He talks a lot though he has a good vocabulary of about 75 words at 18 months and every day he's adding 2-3 words and remembers them in the correct context the next day.  Most words are French, but lately he's started adding a ton of English to it too.

The latest news is that we're expecting Baby #2 in late April 2014.  This is super exciting news to us and we were very surprised since we had just gotten back on the TTC train and got pregnant on the first go.  My first u/s to "date" the pregnancy is next Monday and I cannot wait.  Even though I'm sick as a dog I still need that u/s to confirm that this isn't another missed m/c.  Nausea decided to wait until the end of week 6 to appear, but it appeared violently and I don't have the luxury of lying on the couch for weeks on end anymore.  I'm a walking zombie and get nothing done at work because I'm so tired that I can't concentrate.  I cannot wait for the 2nd trimester energy to come around; otherwise, the baby will arrive with nothing done except a painted room to welcome him or her (I think it's a her this time around).

This pregnancy is one of the big reasons I decided to start this up again because I've been referring to my posts from my last pregnancy to compare symptoms and stuff like that.  It's been helpful and I kind of wish I had stuck it out and written through K's first year so I could remember exactly when stuff happened instead of vaguely.

Well, see you soon hopefully:-)