One crazy day at a life!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 11 is here!

Week 11 has arrived and along with it came a great doctor’s appointment!

So to start, here is the picture from this week.  Ignore my dirty kitchen…I don’t have the energy to care about the crumbs right now.

Week 10
Week 11 and 3 days

Everyone who keeps insisting that they barely have a stomach and don’t have any bloat is very lucky.  I was not anywhere close to my ideal weight when I got pregnant so I guess it shows.  My uterus which has now peeked over my pelvic bone seems to be pushing all the fat, blubber, and bloat and giving me a very definite bump already.  I can’t wait till I get to 20 weeks so that when someone asks me how far along I am I don’t have to mumble, “Hmmm, 11 weeks.”  I still love the bloat/blubber bump thoughJ

Doctor’s scale has my weight down by 4 lbs, but my scale is still saying down 2 lbs.  Now that the digestion is cooperating and that I’ve started eating dessert and snacking more I think my weight should bounce back soon enough.  Also since I’m starting the 2nd trimester in a couple of weeks, I should start putting on 1-2 lbs a weeks anyways.

Nausea is still around and seems to be particularly bad when I’m at work.  My doctor suggested taking the Diclactin she prescribed before I go to bed so that I feel better in the morning.  I think I might start doing that for a few days to see if it helps.  The indigestion is mostly gone, but I’m still paranoid so I’m eating pineapple every day and drinking ginger tea or eating ginger candies every day.

I live in skirts and dresses right now.  I cannot stand the sight of my work pants and I refuse to buy 10 pairs of dress pants for this pregnancy.  I did buy pregnancy capris, but I can’t wear those every day so all the other days I’m styling in a dress.  It’s a good thing the temperature over here has been scorching for the last 3-4 weeks.  

No stretch marks, but I have a really bad sunburn from my girl’s weekend.  I put on sunscreen everywhere every couple of hours which is usually more than enough for me.  I burnt so badly that I went and bought SPF 60 for my trip.  No more burning for this mama!  The worse thing about these burns is that now they’ve started itching unbearably.  It makes me want to scratch my skin off!  I read that itchy skin can be a problem during pregnancy and when I read that I was thinking, “How bad could itchy skin be?”  Hmmm, bad!

I’m still waking up every night to go pee, no movements yet, and I’m convinced it’s a girl, but Dre is really hoping for a little boy.

Tomorrow, we leave for the Maritimes to go spend a week with my brother and wander around Eastern Canada visiting places we haven’t seen a long time or have never seen.

Baby has a strong HB of 174 BPM as of Monday’s appointment.  Dre was asking me if I still wanted to buy a Doppler and I said, “No.”  I think I’ve changed my mind.  I want to be able to listen to the baby every day…it’s my happy place that keeps me from being irrational about the possibility of losing this pregnancy.  Once it’s happened to you, I don’t think you can totally let go of the idea that the baby might not make it for whatever reason and hearing it every day would reassure me…especially now that we’ve started telling everyone.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dopplers are awesome and some other stuff

***I’ll do my weekly update tomorrow I promise!  I forgot to ask Dre to take a picture so I’m going to do that tonight.***

I still love this one! 
I'm thinking of putting this as my profile picture on FB next week to see how many people will catch on.
I had my second doctor’s appointment yesterday.  It went very well which is a relief since for this appointment I am 11 weeks which is the same as I was for the last pregnancy.  This is also the appointment that started to clue us in to the fact that there might be a problem last time around.

Dre came and to get me at work which is so nice of him.  I don’t mind taking the bus, but I’ve been having a hard time since I got pregnant as it seems to increase my nausea.  When I got to the doctor’s office, we registered and I waited for the nurse to weigh me, take my blood pressure, and have me pee in a cup.

One of the nurses walks over to me and asks me if this is a new pregnancy.  I said, “No.” since this was not a new pregnancy…it’s a pregnancy that’s already been confirmed by the doctor and this is my follow-up appointment.  So we keep waiting and another nurse brings us to the doctor’s office to wait for her.  By this time, I realize that the nurses here are apparently clueless or they don’t read my chart which is troubling (This is not the first time I’ve had strange comments from the nurses…last time after I’d had a confirmed missed miscarriage once of the nurses was trying to work me up as if I was still pregnant.  I had to tell her I’d had a miscarriage even though it was in my chart.).  

Dre gets up and goes to tell the nurses that while this is not a “new” pregnancy it is a pregnancy and don’t they want to do the blood pressure and weighing stuff.  Now they’re all confused!  They thought I miscarried earlier this year.  So Dre has to tell them that I miscarried early this year and am now pregnant again.  (This is where you’d think they would have seen this in my chart.)  So the nurse comes and gets me and does all my stuff.  Let me just say that while I don’t expect the nurses to remember me all the time that there are only 3 nurses at this doctor’s office and that the one who asked me if it was a new pregnancy is the one who confirmed my pregnancy the first time around.

Anyways, now I’m stuck with the nurse who I don’t like at all to do my blood pressure stuff.  Last time I was pregnant, she noticed that I was in her sister’s prenatal class and mentioned it to me since she recognized me.  Then she told me I lost weight which is fine, but her tone made it seem like I was trying to do it on purpose.  Nice, eh?  Anyways, we had the miscarriage confirmed and I went to my doc’s office about 5-6 times in the next 3 weeks.  Every single time she saw me she went the other way or tried to avoid eye contact…never said another word to me.  Things like this just rub me the wrong way.  I expect a medical professional to acknowledge that sometimes pregnancies end in miscarriage and not act like a teen around a difficult issue.  There’s all kinds of people I guess…they make the world go round apparently.  So this time she weighs me, goes to write it down, and then weighs me again as if she can’t believe that I lost 4lbs (according to their scale).  Ugh!  It’s a good thing I really like my doctor.

After all of this happens, we go in to see the doctor.  We discussed a few of my questions and she confirmed that since neither Dre or I are deathly allergic to peanuts (fatal allergies on both sides of the family) that I should be able to eat peanut butter all through my pregnancy and that there is no limit to the amount of ginger that I can ingest in one day.  Also, Dre asked about sex.  Hehe!  Poor guy wants to make sure the baby is all safe in thereJ

Then we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat on Doppler!  Yeah!  At first, she had some trouble finding it which stressed me out.  I have a retroverted uterus and that makes the HB harder to find in the early stages, but she found it pretty quickly after all.  It was between 168-174 BPM which is great for an 11 week baby.  She did tell me it would slow down to100-150 as he or she grows which is normal.  I’m glad she told me that since I’d never heard that before.

This all means that I feel like I can safely tell everyone now!  Of course, Dre wants to run around and announce it to everyone which is his style, but it isn’t mine.  So, I need to tell my boss at work first, but that stresses me out because I don’t like having those kinds of conversations.  I have a great boss, but I spent 4 years in my job where he was co-worker and when my old boss retired 6 months ago they restructured my position to report to him which is sometimes awkward.  So I think I’ll tell him tomorrow before I leave for my 10 day vacation. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plants are taking over!

I’ve been a little slow at updating this blog lately.  Mostly because of the fact that I’m not feeling too well and that doesn’t seem to motivate me to find stuff to post about.

So I’ve decided to show all of you how the veggies and flowers are doing.  When I planted this stuff at the end of May, I thought I might not have put enough stuff to fill all the flower beds and vegetable planters.  Bahahahhahaha!  It’s been really hot and humid for the past month with virtually no rain so we have to water twice a day.  All the plants are reacting to the sun, heat, and humidity as if they’re jungle plants.  They’ve all gotten huge!

These are my 2 huge mutant tomato plants.

This is 5 tomato plants.  This spot usually gets tons of sun, but this year my tree has more leaves so they didn't grow up.  Instead they spread horizontally.

I have 4 pots up there with tons of tomatoes.  You can't see them very well, but they're definitely doing well.
 Here are my flowers in the front.  They've gone wild too!

These plants were tiny when I planted them and now they're taking over everything!

You can't see that many flowers here, but a lot of them just bloom for 2-3 weeks and they all kind of take a turn. 
Very pretty!

I love these.  They're so gorgeous and full of color. 
Ignore the fact that my tomato plants are trying to invade them.

I didn't take any picture of all the veggies we have growing in the backyard.  I have another hanging tomato plant, lots of potatoes, onions, green onions, romaine lettuce, carrots, green beans, yellow beans, garlic, and cucumbers.  Of course, now that we're going on vacation our garden is producing like crazy and we don't know what to do with all the food.  It's a good problem to have!

Now, I have to figure out how we’ll keep all of these alive for the 10 days that we’re gone to the Maritimes.  My SIL has agreed to come and water every other day, but that’s not enough for the tomato plants.  They won’t make it.  I’m thinking of maybe buying plastic plates to put them on so that the water doesn’t all drain through the bottom holes, but some stays in the plate and the plants can use that water.  Also I think we’ll transfer all the planters to the backyard which gets less sun.  This isn’t ideal for tomato plants, but it should let the soil retain more of its moisture.

I also have to fertilize a lot of my plants.  In the last few days, it’s been 40-47C (104-117F) with the Humidex and they’re struggling so I’m going to give them a little boost.

Now I’m going home and starting my weekend in style.  No idea what style it is yet, but it will come to me.  Saturday, I have a girl’s day at one of my friend’s farms and if I remember to bring my camera this time I will take some pics of her gorgeous place.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Are prunes cute?

I’ve now begun week 10!  Yay for double digits and being a quarter of the way there!  When you look at pregnancy as being 9(10) months, it seems like such a long time.  But when I think that I’m already at 10 weeks which means the baby is 25% done then I think it’s going by crazy fast and that I’m not ready at all.

I am ready for the 2nd tri though.  This is what I look like now…

Week 9
Week 10
I kind of look bigger last week, but Dre takes the pictures closer some weeks and farther away some weeks. 
I also definitely look pregnant most of the time.  I have a “bump” even though part of it is bloat or whatever.  For now it’s cute, but I’m sure that when I venture into the hugely pregnant stage I’ll have a much different opinion of what I look likeJ

My weight has been bad.  I was down 1.5lbs on Saturday and this morning I was still down 1 lbs.  I’m sure that when I go to the doctor’s next Monday the nurses are going to frown at me and tell me I lost weight which isn’t good.  Apparently none of them have ever gotten morning sickness and complete food aversions.  I seriously have to spend a lot of time thinking about possible dinners as I don’t feel like eating anything most of the time and nothing sounds good ever.  It makes meal planning very interesting.  Thankfully, Dre doesn’t seem too bothered by my crazy eating habits or my indecisiveness when it comes to food lately.

I’m still getting some morning sickness.  I had some for 2.5 days last week; so it’s definitely getting better. The indigestion is still sticking around.  It’s not quite as bad since I’ve started eating pineapple twice a day and drinking ginger tea before or after dinner to help my digestion.  Also, breakfast is a fruit shake with some yogurt and Ensure (meal replacement) in it to make sure that I’m getting better nutrition that I’ll easily digest every morning.

I want and bought some more maternity stuff last Friday with my mom.  I have a feeling that I’ll spend lots of money on that stuff, but I’m just so sick of not fitting into anything that I own.  I can definitely wear all my old shirts for a couple more months if not more, but pants are already problematic.  So I bought a dress and my mom bought me a dress that I can wear all summer and fall.  And they are so comfy!  Win!

I still have no stretch marks and I can say that I’m not very diligent at putting stuff on my stomach.  I think I’ll have to get better with that soon so that when my stomach starts growing really fast my skin is hydrated.  

Still waking up once or more a night to go pee, no movements yet, and I still am hoping for a girl.

This week I miss wine.  Yummy, yummy summer wines sipped while sitting on a warm patio in the summer sun.  I’m looking forward to our vacation next week.  Can’t wait to see my brother’s new puppy and go exploring the Maritimes.  I’ve been to Halifax before, but I was only there for a short trip in spring.  So this should be a much different experience.

So now I’m counting down the days to seeing my doc and hearing the baby’s HB on Doppler…hopefully!  I have a tilted (inverted uterus) so that makes it really challenging to hear the HG before 12 weeks.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainbow farting unicorns

Here are my pics of the week!

Week 8 and 2 or 3 days
Week 9 and 4 days
 So they're hard to compare 'cause Dre doesn't take pics the same way every time, but I'm definitely getting huge.  This is me not pushing my stomach out and not really holding it in either.

It's getting hard to hide being pregnant at work.  I have to wear sweaters every day and button them when I'm walking around.  Apparently since the baby is the size of an olive this is all bloat.  Uh huh.  Whatever!  I appear to be one of those blessed people that will look pregnant early on and end up looking like a beached whale by the end.

Although I definitely need to get Dre to take a picture of me EVERY week at the beginning of my week instead of when I remember.  ::Making mental note!::

So whenever I complain about the wonderful symptoms of 1st trimester pregnancy I get blank stares (those are the never had kids people), assurances that I won't remember any of it in 7 months (my mom and Dre...AKA the annoying people), or agreement that it sucks.  Guess who I like the best?  The ones who agree with me of course.  The ones who insist that being pregnant is the most wonderful thing in the world.  That it's all unicorns farting rainbows to carry a baby are really really freaking annoying!  They obviously forgot everything from when they did this 5 freaking times (Mom).  I also gets looks of sheer horror about my complaining as if I'm holding it against my unborn baby. 

Well, I'm going to love this baby when it's born, but I also know that I have the type of temperament who will remember exactly how much it sucked to be pregnant and I can pretty much guarantee 100% that I won't forget everything just because I now have a baby in my arms.  So in the end I will love my little lovebug, but I will also remember this the next time we decide we want more kids! 

A friend of mine (who doesn't have any kids) asked me if there was anything good about being pregnant.  I had to think about this.  My there isn't.  I've been through the 1st tri twice now so I'm looking forward to this golden 2nd trimester.  Of course, I'm aware that a baby will come from all the nausea and indigestion and everything else, but sometimes that's hard to keep in mind as I sit at my desk trying not to throw up in my garbage can.

So that's my anti-unicorn rant of the day.  Ask me what I think of being pregnant in September and I might decide that there are some unicorns prancing in my backyard:-)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's an olive!

Dre is ecstatic to know that our baby is now the size of a green olive!  I think discussing what type of fruit the baby is like each week is the most exciting thing between DH and I.
It makes it all exciting especially since my digestion is still not working as it should and I’m sick of analyzing everything that goes into my mouth.

I just told Dre that I’m giving up on food.  I’m going to drink shakes for the next 7 months.  At least those get digested perfectly fine.  I cannot wait for my doctor’s appointment in 2 weeks so that I can complain about this and see if she has any ideas that Dr. Google hasn’t already told me about.  (You would think Google would be helpful, but not really because different websites keep contradicting themselves on what I should or should not do.)

So on Saturday, I officially entered Week 9!  I would post an updated picture of me, but when I came out of the shower yesterday Dre was already sleeping.  I’ll get him to take one tonight and post it tomorrow.

My weight this weekend was 152.5 and 153.5 lb so it’s holding pretty steady.  I attribute that to the fact that I’m scared to eat because I get the icky “too full” feeling from almost any amount and type of food that I put in my mouth.  This has been going on since July 1st so 11 days later it has definitely lost all it’s appeal.  All the websites I’ve read claim that women usually experience this in their 3rd trimester and sometimes in the 2nd.  So lucky me got it for the 1st…now I’m praying every day that it stops and doesn’t come back because I don’t know what I’ll do if I get this for 7 more months.  

I have absolutely no cravings whatsoever although food is starting to have some appeal again on the days when m/s is not around.  On a good note my m/s is coming and going now.  I had it yesterday, but didn’t have anything for the 3 days before that.  

I’m giving in and going to buy more summer maternity clothes for work.  I was hoping to use my stuff for at least another month, but my digestion issues have made me completely intolerant of tight clothes so for now I’m living in some of my loose skirts.

No stretch marks in sight although I definitely have a bump which I’m sure is all bloat, but it’s hard and it’s still there in the mornings.  I look pregnant in most of my clothes so I have to be careful to wear sweaters at workJ

I’m now waking up once every single night to go pee.  Apart from that I’m sleeping well.  I haven’t felt any movement, but it’s way too early for that.  I’m of course still maintaining that it’s a girl, but sometimes I get a feeling like it could be a boy.  I can’t wait for the anatomy u/s in September!  No labor signs, belly button is in, and I miss being able to eat whatever I want.

I’m looking forward to our vacation at the end of July because when we come back I’ll officially be in my 2nd trimester and I can’t wait for this golden trimester that everyone keep talking about.  Also, Dre is really looking forward to telling everyone he knows.  He’s so cute! 
Anyways, pics are coming tomorrow…promise!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to...

Yesterday was my birthday!  I turned 28 which is now officially closer to 30 than anything else.  It’s crazy how fast time has flown by since I started my 20s and they say is just keeps going faster.

My mom cooked dinner last night which was really nice.  Lately, I’m really nauseated by the time I get home so cooking food is not high on my list of things to do. 

So when I got home, she tells me that she didn’t have time to go get me a cake.  I tell her that I told Dre exactly what kind of cake I wanted by pointing to it at the store the other day.  Dre goes, “Oops, I knew I forgot something.” 

We eat and Dre leaves for his softball game.  When he comes back, he’s carrying my cake!  Such a sweet man!  Love him!

This isn't the exact cake since I a good chunk of mine as soon as it came in the door!  Google gifted me with this pic.

Also for my birthday this year, Dre got me a Coach purse and wallet.  Hehehe!  He’s been saying for years that there’s no way I need a purse that costs that much.  He’s right, but last month we went to Barrie for a wedding and my SIL and I found out that they have a Coach Factory store over there.  Heaven!  I had a really hard time deciding on only one purse, but finally I did find something that is big enough for me and that I think I’ll be able to use for a long time.  

You can't see the inside, but the lining is deep purple.  So pretty!

I love it!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How m/s is trying to kill me

Week 7

Week 8
I feel like I've gotten huge.  I definitely look pregnant all the time.  It's getting hard to keep a secret because I've gotten a few interesting looks from co-workers already

So this is Week 8 and m/s is kicking my ass big time.

It is soooooo bad!  All day every day and I tell myself, “Only 4 more weeks of this.”

Fingers crossed that it stops sooner!  On one hand the nausea reminds me that I’m pregnant and that my hormones are high, but on the other hand I want to want to eat food again.  

Weight on Saturday was 151.2 lbs.  Yikes!  On Monday morning and today it was around 153 lbs though which is good.

I did go shop for some more maternity clothes last Thursday.  I had bought some last time around and just stored them in my closet.  So this time, I bought some cute crop pants with an elastic waist.  So comfy!  I guess this is where you start to see what your Grandma sees in elastic waist pants.

No stretch marks so far and my boobs just keep growing.  Pretty soon I’m going to need new bras.  Also, my nipples are ginormous...who knew they grew so much just in the first few months.  

No baby movement and sleep is still good.

Still no cravings, but I have so many food aversions that it’s starting to become ridiculous.  For a few days I lost the nausea, but got a BAD case of indigestion where you feel like you’re always full ‘cause your stomach is not digesting properly.  Ughhh!  I hate that feeling.  After putting myself on a diet of ginger tea, it passed and now the nausea is back.  I guess if I have to choose between the nausea and the indigestion…I’ll pick the nausea.  

So now I’m going to go home and hopefully eat lots of cake since it’s my 28th birthday today.  Yeah me!  My mom is also here and cooking me dinner which is really nice.  I’ll post about it some more tomorrow. 

Still hoping for a girl BTW, but people keep telling me they think I’ll have a boy.  What’s up with that?

Monday, July 4, 2011


Week 8 has arrived!  Yay!

I had my ultrasound last Thursday and it went GREAT!  The tech asked us if this was our first pregnancy and I told her no that I’d miscarried in March.  So as soon as she started the ultrasound she told me, “Well, you’re definitely pregnant.” And then proceeded to show me everything and point out the sac and the baby. She also told us that the baby was exactly on track at 7w5d and that he/she had a strong HB at 153 beats/min.  

That was definitely a relief to both Dre and I.  We got a picture of the u/s and then went to pick up my mom from the train station.  We told her when we got home by giving her the card that had the u/s picture in it. Her response, “What is this?  Is this a picture of the baby you lost?”  

Really, Mom?  I swear my mom could make sane ppl BSC.  So, now that we’ve straightened her out she’s happy, but already driving me crazy with useless advice.  As if I don’t know that resting is good.  Really?  Then, she told me that she plans on being around after the baby is born to help out.  Hmmm, yeah…probably not as she’ll drive me crazy in the first 2 days.  Now, I need to tell her this.

Then Dre called his mom to tell her and she was ecstatic too!  

Now, I have to work on an email to my siblings so they all know.  We also told the parents they could tell relatives, but that I didn’t want anyone to comment on my FB as I don’t plan on telling ppl at work until I’m 13 weeks which will be in the beginning of August.

I need to decide if I’ll tell all of our friends or wait until we do a big reveal on FB.  4 weeks is not so long to wait right.

Now I'm really looking forward to our 20 week u/s at the end of September which is when we'll find out if the little lovebug is a baby boy or a baby girl.

Anyways, this weekend was great because of that news, but the symptoms definitely made life harder for me…more on that tomorrow when a do my weekly update.