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Saturday, March 10, 2012

41 Weeks

You thought I disappeared didn't you?

The truth is that between feeding Kaleb and trying to get simple stuff like emails answered I just don't have any time to sit down and take 30 minutes to hammer out a post.  So sad!

Anyways, here is my 41 week picture.  This was taken a couple of hours before we left for the hospital to have Kaleb and the day before he was born.  I was huge!  Whenever you see these pics, you realize how much weight gain was going on and it's kind of crazy to see how much I've lost now. 

Week 41
My doctor wanted to induce me when I hit 41 weeks, but Dre and I told her Biophysical Profile.  Fancy term for another NST test and an ultrasound.  Dre decided to come to the ultrasound with me since they might have kept me if the results showed that Kaleb was not doing well.

The last ultrasound I've had was at 18 weeks so I was looking forward to seeing how different this one would be.  It definitely was different.  For one, the baby is so big when he gets to full term that to see everything they have to look at him in sections.  The ultrasound person started the ultrasound after confirming that we were just there to check on the baby's progress and well-being.  Right away she told me I had tons of amniotic fluid.  She went on about this for a while so I guess I really did have lots.  She told me that usually by now she can't get good shots of things like his face because most of the amniotic fluid is gone, but because I had so much she was able to give us a picture of baby Kaleb's face.  Exciting!  She checked everything and measured things like his head and stomach.  Then at the end she tells us, "I estimate the baby's size to be 4.8 kg."  We were like oh that not too bad...then we made the conversion to lbs and I freaked the crap out.  That's 10.5 lbs people!  Dre and I then spent the next 2 days convincing ourselves that weight estimates on ultrasounds are very often wrong and that the baby would be a least 3 lbs less than that.

Well as it turns out that ultrasound was not too wrong!  I had a 10 lbs 2 oz baby!

On the day, that I went into labour I weighed 193.4 lbs.  That is a total pregnancy weight gain of 40 lbs.  Yes, that is right...I managed to gain massive amounts of weight in the last 1.5 weeks.  Every other day I would step on the scale and it would be up another couple of lbs.  It was craziness! 

That's what was going on while we were waiting for our little baby boy to make an appearance.  Up next...the birth story.  I'm still working on it, but I hope to post it in the next day or 2.  Then I'll post pictures of our little man because he's sooooo cute!

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