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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Since I'm up all night now, I might as well update. But I'm warning you guys that I'm typing one-handed on my phone so no pics and there might be mistakes because of the lovely autocorrect feature.

Baby Kaleb Jacques was born last Monday at 9:53AM weighing 10.2 lbs, and measuring 22.25 inches by c-section. This is one big baby. A fact that every single nurse and doctor in the hospital pointed out to us. I'll type a proper birth story very, very soon. I promise!

For now, I'll just catch you up on a little of our lives. Dre is at home with me. He was supposed to go back to work next week, but he managed to get an extra week. My mom is also coming to help out next week so that will be nice. I need lots of help since I had a c-section and am supposed to take it slow.

I am breastfeeding, but that is the biggest challenge ever. Especially when you have a baby that clearly prefers one side over the other. Kaleb also was born with a tongue-tie and has a short tongue. The tongue-tie thing was easily fixed, but the short tongue is what makes his latch so difficult and we can't fix that apart from just wait till he hats bigger.

Also, this baby loves to suck even when he's not hungry. We tried a pacifier on him but he just spits that put. Also we think that the pacifier might be confusing to him as he's still learning to suck properly. So I'm taking it one day at the time and concentrating on getting the latch correctly every time.

All of this feeding though means that I do that ALL the time and don't have time make a proper post.

Alright, I'll update soon again!

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