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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 30...75% baked!

Yup, it’s taken me forever to write this post.  I’ve had a hectic week and I feel like I’m always running around and doing something.  Now, I’m officially ¾ of the way done with my pregnancy!  How crazy is that?  On one hand, it’s gone by really fast, but on the other it’s also crawled by.  All those lovely symptoms just make it seem like I’ve been pregnant forever.

We now have a crib AND a crib mattress in the baby’s room.  Craziness!  It almost looks like a baby room nowJ  This weekend or next week, I’m braving the crazy crowds at the new IKEA in town to go get the dresser and a bookshelf for the baby’s room.  Then I’ll have everything I need for that room except for a lamp, curtains, a hamper, and a wall decal.  I might just get this room done by the time baby boy decides to appear!

I saw my doctor on Monday which is partially why this post wasn’t posted on Monday and she told me I’m having a really good pregnancy.  Yay!  I wouldn’t want to see what a bad one looks like!  I know I’m lucky, but sometimes as I’m trying to rock myself out of our bed at night so I can go pee I don’t feel so lucky.  I need to keep in mind that baby boy is very healthy, measuring right on track, and that I’ve had no major issues.

Week 29
Week 30

I should just stop writing about the ::GASP:: crazy amount of weight I’ve gained in a week because every time I do the next week I gain even more!  We’ll blame this one on the baby being hungry all the time and me being constipated a lot lately.  My average weight this week is 175.7 lbs.  Yes, you heard me right that would be a whopping 2.4 lbs gain in ONE WEEK!  This makes my total weight gain so far 22.7 lbs.  And I wanted to stay under 30 lbs gained this pregnancy….bahahahahaha!  With Christmas coming and all the yummy stuff I’m baking for the holidays I have a feeling that my weight is going to go up, up, up.  Join me in 3 months when I’m trying to work off all those cinnamon rolls and shortbread cookies off my ass…until then…where are those cinnamon rolls?

I’m still taking Zantac on most nights since dinner seems to be what sets off the acid reflux/heartburn combo.  It works really well when I remember to take it before I eat dinner. 

BTW, every single person who sees me asks me, “How are you feeling/How are you doing?” every single time they see me.  This is fine when it’s my friends or Dre, but I’m dangerously close to telling my coworkers to take a hike.  I know they’re just excited/happy/curious about the baby, but I’m getting a little tired of coming up with an answer every time.  No one tells you about this when you decide to have a baby!

I think I’ve had 1-2 BHs this week.  It’s hard to tell because the baby is so active now that a lot of the time it’s hard to tell his random poking and jabbing from an actual BH.  The ligament pain is still very bad.  I can’t lift my right leg and walking hurts.  I’ve gotten very slow when walking because the faster I walk to more it hurts.  The stretch mark count is still at one.  I plan on keeping it that way.  Belly button watch is still reporting that it’s basically flat.  It could become an outie at any moment…it just needs a good kick from the baby.

I still don’t have any sciatic pain.  My back pain has flared up, but I had a massage last Sunday and that took care of it.  The clinic accidently booked me for a 1-hr massage instead of a 30 min one, but I didn’t care since it made my back so much better!  She also massaged my hips and upper bum and told me my hips were super tights and locked.  Wow, that hurt, but it feels great now!  I love my massages!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas baking this weekend with two of my really good friends.  We each cook 2-3 recipes and then exchange goodies.  So good!  Last year, we decided to do this instead of buying Christmas presents for each other and it was an awesome idea so we’re doing it again this year. 

Baby is now the size of a squash…again!  He’s pretty much stopped growing in length, but he now weighs about 3 lbs. 

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