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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 32

I think I’m starting to have some mild panic attacks over the fact that the baby is going to be here in about 8 weeks.  On one hand, I want him to get here so I can go back to eating and feeling like a normal person, but on the other hand I really, really, really don’t want to go through labor.  Especially since every time I mention that Dre and I are leaning towards having the least amount of intervention needed, I get told that it’s going to be the worse pain of my life or they tell me a story about how they know someone who’s now paralyzed from getting an epidural.  I’m a little freaked out!

I definitely have not gone to IKEA.  I don’t have enough energy these days to go walk through that store.  I think I’ll go on one of my days off in the next 2 weeks. 

No progress on picking out baby names.  Dre really likes a name that I think is just OK and I really like all names that are more English than bilingual.  It’s a problem.  I’m going to bring my short-list of names to the cottage and Dre and I will discuss this.  I’d like to have a name to call the baby.  Everyone else on my online forum seems to have named their babies already and I’m still going around calling the baby, Baby boy or LO (loved one).

I’m still keeping up my regimen of drinking prune juice every day because I’ve developed some serious constipation issues.  I think the baby just likes sitting on my intestines which backs me up!  I have to say that the taste of prune juice is disgusting.  I’m hiding a quarter glass of it in a full glass of other juice, but I can still taste the nastiness.  I’m going to have to find a better juice to disguise the taste.  Here’s my picture this week. 

Week 30
Week 32
I thought a change of scenery would be nice!
 I meant to update last week’s post with my picture since I had forgotten to have Dre take it, but when he took it I realized that I had forgotten the memory card in my work laptop and so the picture saved to the camera itself.  The problem is that I can’t find the cord for our camera so for now my Week 31 belly picture is being held hostage by my camera.

My average weight this week is 176.6 lbs which is a gain of 1.1 lbs since last week.  This makes my total weight gain for this pregnancy 23.6 lbs.  I’m quite close to getting to the 25lbs gain!  Since I’m supposed to gain between 25-35 lbs according to all the books and doctors, I’ve almost reached the lower end of the range.  I wonder how much weight I’ll gain in the next 7-9 weeks.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll end up gaining around 35-40 lbs this pregnancy.  I’m happy about that.

I love Zantac!  It’s like the miracle drug.  I take it every night and it keeps the acid reflux and heartburn in check most of the time.  Lunch tends to give me some heartburn and acid reflux, but it’s not too bad.  If I don’t take a Zantac before dinner though, I suffer the most awful burning.  It literally feels like I’m breathing the fire of a thousand suns!

I have zero energy.  It’s especially bad during the week since I expend all of my energy going to work.  By the time, I get home at night I have no energy or desire to do anything.  I’ve also noticed that I can’t do too much during the weekends either or I get so tired!  My plan for the coming 11 days of holidays is to do nothing, lots of nothing, and lots of sleeping.  This is a good spot to mention the fact that I still need to do a million thing before the baby comes which gives me panic attacks, but I can’t find the energy to start doing any of them.

A few BHs for me this week.  They were probably caused by me doing too much.  It’s hard to pace myself with all the Christmas stuff I have to do.  When baby boy moves, he’s much more noticeable since different part of my belly move at the same time, but he’s also started moving a lot less because he’s pretty much run out of space.  Of course, this freaks me out most of the time.  The ligament pain from the baby compressing it is still excruciating most of the time.  I’ve just learned to walk through it.  The belly button is still flat for now, but every day it’s inching its way to being an outie.

I’m really looking forward to my massage this Thursday and then being on vacation for the next 11 days.  Working while being pregnant is much harder than I imagined it would be and it’s taking everything I have to get through every day.  Only 4 weeks and 3 days of work left for me till I go on mat leave for a year. 

Baby is the size of a squash again.  He weighs around 4 lbs this week and it feels like it!  When the doctor measured my fundal height (height of your uterus) yesterday, I was at 34 inches.  The inches usually correspond to the number of weeks you are.  At my 30 weeks appointments, I was measuring exactly at 30 inches.  Just 2 weeks later my measurements have gone up by 4 inches.  So now baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead!  Craziness!  He’s already growing like a weed and he hasn’t even come out yet.

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