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Thursday, June 9, 2011


So turns out that I didn’t get my doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon.

The doctor’s office nicely called me at 10am to tell me they were re-scheduling me.  


If the doctor can’t make it, shouldn’t you know this before the day OF my appointment.  What if I had driven to work?  What if I’d already left for my appointmen?

What I had already done is take the time off with my office and Dre had also taken the time off.  Major inconvenience to have our time changed!  Now, Dre can’t make it to my new appointment on Monday morning so I’ll have to go by myself which is not the end of the world, but it’s always nice to have someone else with you that can remind you of things you wanted to ask about.

So, blah!

I’m not supremely impressed by my doctor’s office between this and all the stuff that happened with their staff during my miscarriage.  And, no, I can’t just go find a new doctor.  I live in a suburb where family doctors are rarer than precious gems.  Also, I happened to have struck gold by choosing a family doctor who is also an OB…so even rarer!  I just hope that they get their act together sometime soon.

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