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Monday, June 20, 2011

Things are moving along!

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I have an u/s in exactly 10 days.  These are going to be the LONGEST 10 days in the history of man!  I'm not very good at waiting for stuff...can't you tell?

Anyways, moving on!

Let's do a pregnancy update.  I've been avoiding these because it's hard to get really excited over something that might not happen like the last pregnancy, but I've gotten excellent advice from the ladies on TB. 

Tell yourself, "Today I am pregnant and just concentrate on that fact."

Last time I had this handy chart I just filled in to tell you guys how things were going.  This time around I think I'm going to go with just writing how I feel along with pictures.

So here's what I look now at 6 weeks.

6 weeks 2 days
Yes, most of this is bloat...knowing that doesn't make my pants fit.
 So here's where I'm starting!

I'm at 6 weeks and I'm not really sure what my starting weight should be.  I was hovering around 152 when I found out I was pregnant, but as soon as I went back to eating a full 2000 calorie diet the scale bounced around.  On most mornings, I'm somewhere around 152-153.5.  My doctor's office weighed me at 156 in the afternoon though...right!  We'll just ignore their number...I think their scale is broken.

This time around, I've seriously considered just putting the maternity stuff on right away.  I've gained a new appreciation for being comfortable without having the waistband of all of my pants try to strangle me.

Sleeping is fine.  I do wake up, once again, one hour before my alarm EVERY day and I woke up at 6AM this weekend. 

I did go for a massage this weekend 'cause my back is killing me.  Apparently, I'm going to be one of those pregnant people who has back aches all the time.  My sciatica is already acting up in a major way too.

In other news, this baby is making me SICK!  Wow, I've had really bad m/s already.  Highlights of the last few days were standing in the pasta aisle at the grocery store and suddenly having such bad m/s that I thought I was gonna hurl over everything.  Good think I had a granola bar with me.  Next one was preparing yogurt and fresh strawberries and raspberries.  Sitting down to eat them and almost throwing up as soon as a tiny drop of yogurt touched my tongue.  Nice!  Yesterday, it progressed to being all dairy making me sick.

I haven't had any really bad cravings this time around, but I think that's because most of the food I think about tends to make me want to hurl.  Lovely isn't it?  Yeah!  At least I take comfort in the fact that this is confirming that the little peanut is growing and that my hormones are doing well. 

Now, I think Dre and I are either going to have pizza or spaghetti for dinner as the only thing not making me queasy is red sauce today.

I'm off to go make vacation plans now.  I need to get away for some R&R soon!

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog, can't wait to hear all your updates!!