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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wonderful Week 7 I thought I'd never see you!

So the u/s is looming…


It’s on Thursday afternoon at 2:30.  I can’t wait!  I hope we get a good tech that explains stuff to us.  Instead of just frowning at the monitor and taking measurements without saying a work which happened in my past u/s.


Week 6

 This is me at 7 weeks…bloated!

Weight on Saturday was 152.4, but this morning it was back up to 153.4 so who knows.  I don’t think I’m going to worry too much about my weight until I reach the 2nd trimester.  

So far, I’m still resisting the allure of maternity clothes, but my work clothes are trying to strangle me on most days.  Booh!

No stretch marks in sight and I’m slathering the body butter on to make sure they stay away.  Although, my mom did tell me that she got lots and they say that stretch marks are genetic so I may be doomed no matter what I do.

Sleep is good for the most part and there’s no movement in the belly…way too early!

No cravings this time around.  I think that might be because I spend most days nauseated to death. Everything makes me sick!  Food is not my friend!  I can’t wait for cravings to come…’cause this is torture.  

Dre just has to squeeze me too hard or breathe on me and I’m ready to hurl.  It’s doing wonders to the romance in our lives…poor man which translates to annoying husband for not just knowing this.

Best moment this week was when Dre cleaned all our bathrooms for me!  So happy I don’t have to do that before my mom gets here on Thursday.  

So life is definitely interesting with me pregnant once again.  I think the 1st trimester = torture because you can’t tell anyone why you’re gagging or turning green all the time.  So you just have to put up with “You look tired.” comments and having alcohol shoved at you all the time.  

After the u/s, Dre and I will proceed to start telling all of our families and close friends.  I haven’t told Dre this yet, but if we get a good u/s then I don’t feel like waiting until the end of July which is forever away to tell ppl.  Trying to come up with different ways of not telling ppl I’m pregnant is surprisingly difficult when everyone seems bent on asking me if I am.

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  1. Happy 7 weeks! And while the "all day" sickness sucks, it means baby is growing!