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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2nd Trimester has arrived...finally!

I’m going to skip Week 12 since I didn’t take a picture and was on vacation and feeling pretty good.

Here we are in Week 13…the official start of the 2nd trimester!  Yeah, we've made it! 

Week 11

Week 13 and 2 days
I actually seem bigger in my 11 week picture.  I think it's because I was either standing straighter than yesterday or I was more bloated.
Here's a picture of my belly without clothes.  I wasn't sure if I was going to post these, but since I have them why not.  I probably won't post these every week...just every now and then.

Definitely blubbery looking.  Can't wait till my tummy gets all hard and "pops".
At the end of last week just before we came back from our vacation, I posted my “I’ve contracted pregnancy” picture on my Facebook. 

That was fun!  That means that I’m officially out to the world.  The idea gives me panic attacks and hives because of my experience with the last miscarriage.  While I know that at this point I have less than a 2-3% chance of a miscarriage, I also know that anything could happen so I have to keep doing deep breathing exercises and run to get my Doppler every other minute to check that the baby is still there.  Yes, I know that makes me extremely neurotic and paranoid, but that’s how I’m coping. 

I did buy a Doppler while away on vacation.  I got the Hibebe 2 Mghz Doppler.  Love it!  Since I have a retroverted uterus, it’s a little hard to get the HB and hold it so that I get an accurate reading of the HB, but I can definitely find it.  Of course, Dre thinks that the baby is running away from the sound waves and thinks we should leave it alone more often and not listen too much.  Blah!  I’m too paranoid for that!

Anyways, back to my 13th week stuff.  The scale yesterday said that I was still holding at a 2 lbs loss overall.  I find this hard to believe because I ate like a pig while on vacation and definitely watched zero of the stuff I ate.  Maybe, I’ll change the batteries in my scale.  I expect to start putting on 1-2 lbs a week from now on and I’m going to have to start counting my calories to make sure I’m getting between 2100-2300 calories per day if my weight doesn’t start to go up by next week.

Nausea has been blessedly absent for all of my 10 day vacation and on Sunday it reappeared.  I thought that it might just be because I was in the car a lot on Sunday, but then I had it all day yesterday, Monday, and today it’s been coming and going and I almost threw up on my couch this morning…fun times!  I thought m/s was supposed to go away and stay gone by the 2nd trimester.  Blah!  If it keeps up, I’m going to start taking Diclactin when I go to bed so that it heads off the m/s in the morning.  The indigestion stuff is mostly gone, but I’m now drinking flat Ginger Ale with most of my meals to make sure that it stays gone.

I’m still in skirts and dresses for work along with my one, lonely pair of maternity capris.  I’ve also just realized that there’s no way my pregnancy self is going to fit into my nice, snazzy fall coat and much less any of my dressy winter coats.  This is why it’s more expensive to have a baby in the winter than the summer. In the summer, we don’t tend to wear all that many clothes anyways.  So, I’m thinking about buying a fall coat I saw at Costco last month in a bigger size.  For the winter coat, I have one ski jacket that is quite roomy and will most likely fit until the end, but it also happens to be my light winter coat which is not very warm at all.  Who knows, I might just steal Dre’s winter coat and get him to buy himself a new one.

No stretch marks in sight.  Sunburn and subsequent fun, peeling skin are gone.  My SPF 60 protected me really well on vacation, but I didn’t get a chance to test it in water and at the beach. 

Still waking up once a night, every night to go and pee, but I just read that as my uterus migrates upwards that that should stop until the 3rd trimester.  Can’t wait!  Also, there’s 5 more weeks until we know if we’re having a little girl or a little boy and then I can start picking out baby names.  So exciting!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this on here before, but the reason I started this blog and want to record every week of pregnancy is so that I have something to look at down the road and something to show my children when they want to know how my pregnancy went and what they were like as kids.  They won’t get the faded memories related through the rose colored glasses that time brings, but instead they’ll be able to read exactly what I thought and felt like at a specific moment in time.  I would love to have that from my mom now.  Whenever, I ask her about her pregnancies I get random crazy stuff like she could feel the baby moving at 12 weeks for her first one…right!  I call that pregnancy amnesia!  Don’t worry; I won’t be scarring my kids with my descriptions of morning sickness until they’re adultsJ

Tomorrow, I think I’ll post about our trip and put up a few pictures of our trip…

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