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Monday, August 29, 2011

4 months have flown by

I’m now in Week 16.  It means that I get my anatomy scan in a mere 2 weeks…I’m so excited about that! 

Dre and I took another shot at emptying more of the office out yesterday.  I never really realized how much stuff we had in there.  Now, I have no idea where to put some of the stuff I want to keep like the printer, wrapping paper, or office supplies.  It’s a good thing I bought a huge plastic drawer unit some months ago.  I’ll probably stuff most of that stuff (minus the printer) in there, but I’m not sure where I should put the unit.  We’ve already put our massive 4-drawer filing cabinet in the closet of the guest bedroom so I don’t think I can stick it in there and there’s not space in our bedroom.  Maybe, I’ll just leave it in the closet of the baby room.

Dre and I are narrowing the choices down for the baby furniture.  I believe I’m going to go with an ebony (almost black) crib and white dresser and hope that works.  We’ve also decided that we want the Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat.  It’s a great seat and it’s really easy to take off the base whereas the Gracco Snugride which was our other choice is a pain to yank out of the base.  The only problem is that the Gracco has a million patterns while the Chicco barely has any.  I would just buy one in the States, but that is illegal for some unknown reason that only the government can figure out since we have pretty much the same transport/traffic laws as the states.  Also, they’re much cheaper in the States.  I guess that’s one thing I’ll have to find somewhere in Canada and hope I can get an OK price on it. 

The other thing is that I’m looking at gliders for the nursery.  Dutailier is a Quebec-based line that is very well-known and which basically makes the best gliders out there.  OMG, they are so expensive!  Maybe, they’d like my newborn in exchange too.   Of course their more “affordable” options have no extras that most people said they liked.  So I want a model that reclines…I could care less if it locks in place or not, but I want to be able to recline with a fussy baby.  That means that I’m looking in the $500-$600 range for the glider only with NO ottoman included.  Panic attack!  I’ve found one that Costco sells, but they seem to be out of the beige one and the other one is a beige and green corduroy fabric which is not great seeing as my nursery is arctic blue and my furniture will be black and white.  Ughhh!  Maybe, I’ll call them to see if they’ll be restocking this.

Week 15
16 weeks 2 days

So back to my favourite subject…the scale!  I’m a little obsessive about it.  So let’s say I started this pregnancy at 153 lbs.  I was on a weight loss diet at the time and my weight was going up and down so to make it easier on me to track I’m picking 153 as my starting weight.  So on Sunday, the scale said 160 and today it said 156…it’s possessed!  I’ll go with the Sunday weight since this is what I usually use for this blog so that makes my weight gain total to be 7 lbs.  Not bad.

Nausea has disappeared over the last week.  I haven’t had any in about 6 days so it might be gone for good finally!  However, my old friend Mr. Indigestion has come back with a vengeance and has brought Mrs. Heartburn along too.  Lovely!  I’ve also started to notice that I can’t stretch or twist sometimes without my uterus complaining.  I’ve also had some Round Ligament Pain.  It takes some getting used to the fact that my body can’t twist into the same positions that I used to just do without thinking twice about it.

Maternity clothes are definitely in and with the arrival of much cooler weather I’ve been thinking that I’ll need to go buy a few more pairs of work pants.  Stretch marks are nowhere to be seen and Dre is still faithfully rubbing my belly with belly butter every night to make sure that my skin is nice and moisturized.  I’m still getting up once a night to go pee…since that hasn’t gone away I think it’ll keep going until the baby gets here.

I haven’t had any labour signs, but I did have a really unpleasant pain in my right side on Saturday night that wouldn’t go away.  Those types of pains that I used to just ignore freak me out now since I usually don’t know what they mean.  Belly button is still about 1/4 to a 1/3 of the way out.

The best moment this week was going to look at baby stuff with Dre!  He didn’t even complain about me dragging him to baby stores just to go look at the stuff they have.

I’m really looking forward to my anatomy scan in 2 weeks.  After that I can start my baby registries and buying stuff for the little one.  Exciting!

Weekly wisdom this week is to beware of food!  It hates me so I can’t wait until I can eat normally again once the baby gets here. 

I should probably mention that Dre has taken to rubbing my belly to extremes.  He does it a lot!  He also kisses and talks to the baby a lot!  It’s really cute.  I just wanted to make sure that I’d remember this when I look back.

Baby this week is the size of an avocado!  Dre was very excited since he loves avocados.

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