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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stuff, stuff, and stuff

Yup, I stole this from Google Images. 
Lately, I’ve had a major shortage on things to write for this blog.  I’ve never been the blog every day type, but I can usually do better than this.  It just doesn’t seem as if very much is happening in my life right now.  

I just spend my time making lists of things I need to do soon because time is going by fast and February is going to be here before we know it.  I just realized that I need to order the baby furniture ASAP if I want to be able to pick it up in September.  So, Dre and I need to break out the tape measure this weekend and measure the office to make sure that everything we want to get will fit and not look too crowded.

Dre’s parents are supposed to come down for the weekend.  We’re planning on spending Saturday at the beach with the in-laws and maybe go walking at a park for Sunday morning.  On top of that, Dre and I want to have some friends over for some drinks and munchies.  I’m not sure if one of the couples can make it yet, but that should be fun.  I wonder if I’ll make it to Sunday though…I might be too exhausted to get up by then.  

Of course after the weekend, it will be Monday!  And on Monday, I have a doctor’s appointment!  I love those because I get to hear baby’s HB, ask a million questions, and get to schedule my Anatomy u/s where we will hopefully find out baby’s gender.  Yeah!  I can’t wait!  On the downside, my boss just told me he’s taking next week off which means that I’ll be slammed at work all week.  Booh!

So that’s pretty much what’s going on in our lives right now.  I’m working some overtime every day to make up for the fact that I’m taking all my Fridays off this summer and going to doctor’s appointment every 4 weeks.  This makes for very long days without too much to do.

In other news, I got on the scale this morning and the POS told me I weighed 158.4 lbs.  That would be a 7 lb. gain in 10 days and a 5 lbs gain from my pre-pregnancy weight.  How is that even possible?  I’m not eating everything I see…I swear!  So, either my scale is broken (maybe I should replace the batteries, but I’ll have to re-mortgage the house to afford the batteries this thing needs) or I’m putting on serious muscle weight from my Body Pump class twice a week.  I know I’ve been getting stronger since I’m lifting slightly more for it, but I really didn’t think it would affect my weight quite this drastically.  I wonder what the doctor will have to say about this oneJ 

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