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Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 14

Welcome to Week 14!  I can’t believe I’ve reached 14 weeks…it just seems to have gone by horribly slowly and really quickly all at onceJ  In just 26 weeks this baby is due!  

People keep telling us not to wait until the last minute to do and buy everything, but I find even making a list of what we need a daunting task.  Another thing I’ve seen on TB is to start buying essentials now a little at a time.  That’s a really good idea, but I don’t know if CD is going to totally suck and I’ll quit and need tons of diapers.  I don’t know if I want to use disposable wipes or make my own.  Ughh! 

I do know that I want to start the baby in disposables.  Yes, I’ve read all about the nasty chemicals that are in those, but I don’t want to buy Newborn sized CD.  Also, if I end up with a big baby (my mom only had big babies) then I’ll have a stash of newborn diapers that the baby will use for like 2 weeks.  Blah!  So I’ll probably buy 2-3 newborn diapers to practice with and then just buy CD for 15lbs babies and up either in One-Size or Sized.  Don’t even get me started on the array of CD out there.  I’ve read a gazillion blogs about them and I’m still confused which is mostly because mom’s opinions of diapers seem to be very subjective.  So I’m back to the question of what kind of disposables should I buy for my newborn?  Expensive Organic Brands?  Cheap Kirkland brand?  Pampers?  Pamper Natural?  So confused!

Anyways, Dre and I have started doing the filing that we just let accumulate in the office usually.  Once that’s done, we’re going to be going through the boxes in the office and clearing out the closet.  I’m going to have to decide what to do with several pieces of furniture that I “could” use in the baby’s room, but will be the wrong color (furniture is pine colored and I’m getting ebony baby furniture).  We’ll obviously take down the computer desk and give that away, but what to do with the futon?  Obviously, I’m not giving it away because it was really expensive, but maybe we should put it in the basement now instead of in the baby’s room.   If we do that, it’s going where all of Dre’s workout bench and gear is in the basement.  Also, I’ll have to decide what to do with my wedding dress.  It’s been 2.5 years and it’s still hanging in the closet.  I haven’t even had it dry cleaned!  I LOVE that dress and I don’t know if I can bear to part with it, but should I pay $200-300 to get it cleaned and boxed?  Really?

Maybe we should just buy a bigger houseJ.  For some reason Dre didn’t think that was a good solution…

That’s what has been going on in our house in the last week. 

13 Weeks
14 Weeks 2 Days

Baby’s HB on Doppler has been good this week…hovering between 160-170 BPM.  It’s also been much easier to find on Doppler than when I first started.  I got on the scale this morning and I swear it’s broken or defective.  Damn thing insists I gained 5 lbs in the last week. Really!  Hmmmm, I think not!  Either my scale is broken or I’m also putting on muscle weight from my Body Pump class.

Nausea was well and alive all last week and then on Thursday it miraculously disappeared for the whole weekend just to make a timely reappearance this morning.  I think I’m allergic to work and getting up early.  That’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it!  Indigestion is mostly gone and when it does surface drinking some fresh ginger tea, flat Ginger Ale, or chewing gum usually clears it up.

Since realizing that my bloated self will never fit into any of my fall coats, I bought a nice raincoat at Costco for pretty cheap.  I got a large and I’m not sure that will fit through all of the fall, but I tried on the XL coat and it looked like I stole my mom’s coat and was trying to play dress up.  Bad look!  I’m also already sick of trying to figure out what to wear for work.  Friends from work came and are coming to my rescue though!  One friend gave me 4 bags full of clothes and another friend who is my size and height is supposed to lend me some of her stuff.  That is going to help me out a ton!

This week, I’ve woken up 1-3 times a night to pee.  Lovely times!  In other news, 4 more weeks before we can officially have out anatomy scan and hopefully find if it’s a girl or a boy.  We’re really excited about this!  No stretch marks in sight and I wish for them to stay far, far away. 

Overall, most pregnancy symptoms have either totally disappeared or gotten much better over the last few weeks.  Hurray! 

Also, I know I’ve been pretty lazy about posting lately.  I think it’s because I’ve been pretty lazy with most things in my life in the last few months.  I’m hoping to start posting a lot more regularly now that I’m feeling better. 

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