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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's a...


Man, was I surprised when the ultrasound tech told us that!  I've been constantly referring to the baby as a he and have had this suspicion that it would be a boy so I think my subconscious knew.  But I think that I had my brain firmly convinced that it was a girl.  So when the tech said, "You have a boy.", I was beyond shocked!

Everyone's been asking me if I'm excited and the answer is...It's complicated.  Of course, I'm happy!  I'm super happy that the baby looked good on the ultrasound and that the tech told us that everything looked fine.  I'm happy that it's a boy, but I guess that I just really convinced my brain that it was a girl.  That's what I was expecting and it's thrown me for a loop to find out I'm having a boy. 

I have 2 nieces and all my friends had girls so I'm really used to dealing with girls.  I guess that I'm going to get a crash course in dealing with baby boys now:-)

So overall, I just wanted to put feelings down on here.  I'm excited that I can start to plan the baby's room colors and start to buy super cute onesies!

So let the planning start...

I need to come up with a guest list for my shower for my SIL.

Pick colors for the baby's room.
Buy furniture for said baby's room.
Start looking at baby boy names.  (Lots of terribly cute ones out there, but Dre insists that the name be pronounceable in French too which makes this quite a bit more difficult.)

That should keep me busy for a while and now everyone can buy me tons of blue baby stuff!  I love blue!

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