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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 19!!!!

I’m a little late writing this for this week.  I was going to post this update yesterday, but I couldn’t find my sheet with my weight on it for last week so I had no idea what it was. 

I’m here now though, and I am 19 WEEKS!  That’s almost half-way done which is completely insane when I think about it.

So I had my first pre-natal yoga class and I loved it!  It was all about relaxing and stretching different parts of the body which was so great.  I don’t understand how you’re supposed to breathe slowly through your nose for the whole time.  I felt like I was suffocating half-way through and started inhaling through my mouth.  Because I’ve always had allergies, I tend to breathe through my mouth more than the average person so I guess I’m just going to have to practice yoga breathing.  I don’t know about tonight though because Dre seems to have given me the lovely gift of a cold so I can’t breathe through my nose very well.  Yoga does seem to aggravate my lower back pain though so tonight I’m going to try not to do too many of the lower back stretching exercises to see if that helps me not spend the week in pain which is what happened last week.

Since I mentioned the cold that my loving husband decided to share with me, let me tell you guys that I haven’t had a cold in over 2 yrs.  I never got sick too often when I was younger, but since I started seeing a chiropractor regularly I’ve pretty much stopped getting colds.  Dre, on the other hand, gets everything that floats around.  I usually don’t catch whatever he has even if we do keep sleeping the same bed and all that stuff.  I usually figure that by the time we know that something is wrong he’s shared the germs with me already.  I didn’t even catch Strep when he got a really, really bad case of it at Christmas time last year.  So, I’m guessing that pregnancy has really weakened my immune system and that I’m going to have to start religiously washing my hands like a crazy person all through this upcoming cold and flu season since I don’t want to be all stuffed up again.

In nursery news, I’m trying to track down one of the new dark cribs that IKEA advertised in their 2012 catalogue.  In Canada, the crib standards have not changed so IKEA has kept selling all their existing cribs (I really like the Gulliver crib, but it only comes in white.).  Their catalogue shows the Sundvik crib in brown-black which is perfect for my white dresser, black crib combo that I want to use for the baby room.  Hopefully, IKEA doesn’t take too long answering my inquiry about when they think this crib will start being sold!

Week 18

Week 19

Weight gain for the week looks good.  I’ve finally started putting on weight somewhat steadily instead of seeing the numbers go up and down erratically every day.  My average weight this week was 160lbs which is a gain of 1.9lbs from last week.  Overall, that is a gain of 7 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight of 153 lbs.  According to everything I’ve read, I’m still on track to gain between 25-35 lbs this pregnancy which is what my doctor recommended I gain.

Nausea seems to have departed for good.  My gag reflex is still acting up when I brush my teeth or drink something cold too fast.  I have mild heartburn several times a day and some indigestion every now and then.  The digestion has gotten better overall. 

I think I might be starting to feel kicks overall.  During our ultrasound, we saw that our baby boy is very active and likes to kick me a lot.  I still can’t really feel them most of the time, but every now and then I get sudden jabs or pokes from the inside.  The feelings are not consistent at all so I can’t wait until I can feel him more consistently.

I’m now only wearing maternity pants.  I’ve entirely given up on pants that weren’t made for maternity.  My belly has gotten too big to deal with pants held up by a hair elastic.  I still wear a lot of my pre-pregnancy shirts, but I’ve noticed that the ones that don’t have a lot of stretch to them are really starting to bother me.  I think it’s time for another visit to Thyme Maternity so I can get a few more pieces for the office.

No stretch marks, but since I’m scrutinizing my body for them all the time I’ve really started noticing the ones I got on my butt from puberty.  I think I might start putting Bio Oil on those too to see if they fade a little.  No labour signs yet.  I did think that I might be having Braxton Hicks contractions on Saturday, but it might just have been my body telling me it was tired. 

I’m looking forward to buying more baby stuff.  I feel like time is just flying by and that the baby will get here before we get the baby’s room together and get him a car seat.

Have I mentioned how proud Dre is that this baby is a boy?  Well, he is super happy and proud and can’t stop talking to my stomach and telling the baby that he’s Daddy’s boy.  Very cute!

Baby is the size of a mango this week!

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