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Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 38

This past week Dre and I have been hammering away at the To Do List.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll be done by the end of this week which means that I’ll officially be trying to get this baby here.  How? You ask.  Well I’ll certainly be trying to walk as much as possible to try to get some progress going.  My doctor is supposed to check to see if I’m dilated or effaced at my appointment this Thursday so that will give me an idea of where I am.  Other things which might work are good old-fashioned sex, red raspberry leaf tea, or evening primrose oil.  They might not work, but on the other hand they might do the trick!

I’ve finished washing all the baby clothes I plan to wash for right now.  Now, I just need to clean all the toys.  I got a lot of second-hand toys, but I think that I should probably wash all the new ones too since babies put everything in their mouths.  Baby boy’s bedroom is almost done.  The only things I have left to do is buy a lamp, double curtain rod, and sheer curtains.  It’s too bright in the baby’s room during the day so I need something to cut the light, but at the same time not remove all of it.  The other thing is that Dre and I need to hang the wall decals and get some letters to spell baby’s name over the crib.  So we’re almost done!  It’s my goal to do most of this this weekend so I can finally post pictures of a completed nursery.
In other news, Dre figured out that we have mice in the house last weekend.  What on earth?  So my amazing husband took apart the storage area where they’ve been residing and cleaned and stored everything.  I didn’t have to do a single thing.  I went to an Epicure party and spent way too much money while he was doing this and then went to my Pre-natal Aquafit class.  I felt bad that I didn’t help at all, but just doing those two things made me super tired.  I get tired walking across the room lately.  Anyways, Dre set up traps and put some poison cubes out that are supposed to dehydrate the mice so we don’t have rotting mice in our walls.  He caught 5 in the first 2 or 3 days.  We seem to have caught them all though because we haven’t heard, caught, or seen any in the past 4-5 days.  Victory for us! 
I’m finally done work.  Last Wednesday at 4 PM, I officially handed it all to my replacement.  I don’t have much hope that she won’t mess some of the stuff up, but hopefully she’ll pick up stuff faster when she’s on her own than when I was training her.  It is officially not my problem anymore.
I did meet the new doctor this week and let’s just say that I’m reserving judgment until later because I wasn’t overly impressed.  I’ll update after my Thursday appointment.
I think Dre and I have finally settled on a name.  Yay!  When baby boy arrives, we’ll be announcing it.  I was going to post on here, but I do have some family members and friends who read this blog.

Here is this week’s picture!

Everyone keeps telling me that I’ve dropped and I guess they’re right because my belly looks lower than it did last week.  In every picture, I think that I can’t possibly get any bigger, but every week the belly seems to get bigger.  This is gonna be a big baby if he keeps going!

My average weight this week is 182.2 lbs which is a gain of 1.3 lbs since last week. This makes my total weight gain for this pregnancy exactly 29.2 lbs. I had this sudden, dramatic weight gain around Thursday of last week and my weight shot up a couple of pounds and has stayed there.  It’s so weird when that happens.  It’s like the baby has a sudden growth spurt or something.

To fight the heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion, I now take Zantac twice a day and drink lots and lots of Ginger Ale.  It’s the only things that seem to help.  I hope that after I have the baby I’m not dependent on Zantac to avoid indigestion and heartburn since I take it so often now.  

I still have a lot of fatigue, but I’m focusing on getting a few things done every day.  That way at the end of the week, I can see that I’ve made some progress in getting everything ready without being too overwhelmed that I don’t have to energy to do it all in a couple of days. 

I’m starting to get a lot more BHs.  Sometimes, I can almost start timing them because I get so many in an hour.  They’re mostly not painful although I’ve a few slightly more painful ones.  I’m sure that when I’m labor they’ll be much, much worse.

I’m really looking forward to having everything ready for the baby.  I’m glad I decided to stop work earlier than I had originally planned otherwise I would have a ton of stuff left to do in the next 2 weeks. 

Baby is the size of a watermelon. He weighs around 7 lbs this week. Baby weight is very subjective by now so I’m giving you the average according to my books.

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