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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good news

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My doctor called yesterday!  It totally surprised me because I didn't expect to hear from her until Friday and maybe even next Monday.

Turns out that the ultrasound clinic sent out my final report from last Friday's ultrasound really quickly. 

Doctor says that I'm all good.  There's nothing left in my uterus! 

Now I need to go do some celebrating because that is the best news I've gotten in a long time!

So I'm just going to have to wait until AF shows up again which will hopefully be in the next week or so.  Then, I hope I ovulate like I normally do and we can start do the BD again and hopefully get a sticky baby sooner than later. 

Right now if I got pregnant in this next cycle I would get a January baby.  Crazy!  I never really wanted to be pregnant in the winter, but I guess that I don't get a choice unless I'm willing to wait 4 months to start trying again.  And since I'm not big on the waiting stuff that probably won't happen.

I've been charting my temps every morning--or trying to--and let me tell you that my chart is fucked up this cycle.  It's actually kind of hilarious!  I can point at this chart later and be like this was my miscarriage chart.
It's all over the place! 

***Note to myself, I need to link my chart to the blog so ppl will know what I'm talking about.*** 

Anyways, if the hubs can stop doing massive overtime every single day and the damn overnight guests would stay away this weekend maybe we'll get to celebrate!

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