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Thursday, March 17, 2011

PSA people PSA

That's Public Service Announcement for those of you abbreviation phobic ppl:-)  Someday, I might get my lazy ass to type out the abbreviations I tend to use and list them on the side so that I can stop telling you what they are.  Someday...

Moving on!

Today I was in the bathroom (toilet, toilet room, restroom...whatever floats your boat) and the worst thing EVER happened!  No.  I didn't not sit in pee.  That would have been bad too though.  Nope, someone comes into the bathroom and decides to select the stall RIGHT BY MINE and take it!  Now people when there are 6 EMPTY stalls and I'm in the middle can you tell me why on earth someone would come and deliberately take the one right by mine.  Is it because they want me to go faster?  Weird!  Is it because it's their diabolical plan to make my bladder suddenly shy?  That must be it because no other explanation for this weird behavior is acceptable to me.

I've mentioned this to some of my friends and other people I work with and apparently I am the only one on this planet with this pet peeve.  The other girls all say they don't care.  Well I say, "Who the fuck does that?".  If you enter a bathroom and see an occupied stall, you do what the guys at the urinals would do...take the furthest stall (urinal) from the occupied one that you can find! 

So go out and if you happen to pee in public--in a toilet, I hope--don't sit by me cause I might go all passive-aggressive on your ass.

That is all!  We are now returning to our regularly scheduled programming...

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