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Monday, October 24, 2011

V-Day! Week 24

Week 24!  I have officially reached viability (V-Day)!  While I don’t want Baby boy to be born right now, there is a certain amount of relief in knowing that if something were to happen and I delivered that baby would have a good chance of being ok.  I never thought I would worry about all this crazy stuff before I got pregnant, but apparently I don’t have enough to think about.

Dre and I are still waiting for a call from the baby store letting us know that our car seat is in.  They told us it would arrive last week, but we haven’t heard from them.  I, also, managed to pick out bedding for the crib this week!  It has monkeys on it (of course) and polka dots so it’s the best of 2 worlds!  Dre is obsessed with monkeys and I love all thing polka dots.  It’s perfect!  Now, my mom just needs to stop trying to get me to pick bedding based on what she likes.  I’m sure she’ll like this one anyways.
It doesn't have very many monkeys on it,
but we're going to put monkey decals on the walls so Dre's happy.
So, after deciding to wait on buying a baby monitor until the baby was here, we found one on Kijiji (brand-new in the box) for half price.  We were very excited to find it for so cheap so we bought it.  Then Dre ran around like a kid in the candy store testing the camera in the dark basement.  He’s so cute when he does stuff like this.  Electronic toys are the things that really interest men when it comes to baby stuff.  The nice thing is that I don’t have to read the owner’s manual to figure out how it works since Dre set it up already and tested it.

Week 23
Week 24
It seems that every week I’m on here saying how much BIGGER I’ve gotten.  It’s not just my imagination now people because my friend just saw me at lunch and told me I was already noticeably bigger than last week.  So it’s not just my imagination!  My average weight this week is 167.1 lbs which is a 1.9 lbs gain this week!  Eeeep!  It’s my biggest gain in one week so far.  I think the baby has started putting on some weight though because my scale had a huge 2 lbs. jump this week and my eating habits really haven’t changed.  I’m up a total of 14.1 lbs this pregnancy.  Hopefully, I don’t start putting on 2 lbs a week like my doctor said she sees a lot of the time in the 3rd trimester. 

I’ve had less heartburn in the last few days because I noticed that cinnamon seems to make the heartburn appear.  I love cinnamon so this is a very, very sad thing!  The indigestion has shown up again though.  I just keep telling myself that I survived 6 months of indigestion/nausea already then I can do another 3.5 months of indigestion/heartburn. 

Baby boy is quite the active baby when he decides to wake up, but he’s like his mommy and spends most of the time snoozing and refusing to move when Dre tries to get him to kick his hand.  He does tend to wake up when I lie down in bed for the night so Dre can usually get a good 10 kicks or so which he loves. 

I haven’t really noticed any Braxton Hicks contractions this week.  Now, I usually say no stretch marks, but Dre points at my boob last week and says, “What’s that?”  Of course, I’m freaking out because I think it’s something horrible on my boobs or that one is bigger than the other.  Nope.  It’s a possible stretch mark on the underside of my boobs.  I freaked out…of course…I mean what other reaction is there to realizing that your boob is going to have a permanent mark on it FOREVER!  After I calmed down, I realized that at least my bathing suit would hide that stupid mark so I didn’t feel so bad anymore.  I’ve started slathering on the lotion every time I think about it because I don’t want my boobs to start resembling a map.

I’m really looking forward to my doctor’s appointment this week.  I have a ton of great stuff to ask her about.  Like…”Why are my nipples so itchy all the time?” “Should I be counting baby kicks or is that going to make me a crazy, paranoid person?”  “What the hell is wrong with my sciatic nerve? (I can’t even walk around the grocery store without pain anymore.)”  These are all very, very important questions then I get to go to my friend’s house so she can do my hair.  (She’s a licensed hair dresser so stop worrying people.)

Guess what size the baby is this week!  A papaya AGAIN!  Yeah!

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