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Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 23

Week 23 snuck up on me.  Dre had to remind me that my week had changed on Saturday.  This used to be what I looked forward to every single week, but now I find that I’m focusing less on the week and more on what I still need to do before baby arrives.

This past weekend Dre and I visited a lot of baby stores to finalize our registries, order some things, and look at crib bedding. 

Since my shower invites are going out this week, I had to get my list to my SIL last Friday.  I could not believe that I had 42 names between me and my mom’s invites (one big shower instead of multiple smaller ones)!   My SIL told me that she added 15 names on her side of the family so that brings the number of invited guests to 61!  SIL and I are hoping that they don’t all decide to come; otherwise, her house is going to be packed.  I’m getting really excited for my shower now that I’ve finished the guest list and done my registries!

I hauled Dre to a cloth diaper store yesterday and made a registry there.  I put everything on that registry that I would need since I definitely want to try different kinds of diapers out before committing to 2-3 kinds that I’ll use.  So I registered for 4 of my top picks and asked for 1-2 diapers of each.  I’m hoping that if people really want to help with the CD that they buy me Gift Certificates to this store since those would be so helpful once I’ve decided what kind of diapers I want to use! 

We also went to Babies R Us and looked at some video monitors that were on sale.  We decided to just hold off on this one and see if we think we need it after the baby gets here.  We looked at some crib bedding there and Dre fell in love with monkey themed crib bedding.  So we’re looking at bedding sets that have monkeys on them now.  I told Dre that since I’m indulging his monkey obsession I get to pick the bedding when we have a girl.  He agreed!  Yeah!  We asked the BRU staff about the fact that we’ve heard about gift bags that they give to people who open a registry full of coupons and such and they actually told us they ran out of them.  Hello?  Maybe that’s something you should have mentioned when we were in the store instead of hoping we’d just go on our oblivious way.  I hate BRU.  They have crappy services, you can never find the price of things (Dre had to go scan 4 things yesterday to figure out pricing), and their staff know NOTHING about their products. I’m going to send them an email this week expressing my displeasure with the service we’ve received in our store. 

Finally, we went to another store and ordered the Chicco Keyfit in Fuego (red) for the baby!  It should be in this week which is exciting.  We also took the time to pick up the spare parts we needed for my Medela Pump in Style that I found on Kijiji.  So for under $200, I’m all ready to use my pump and I won’t feel too bad if it turns out that breastfeeding or pumping is not for me.  Those things usually go for over $400 over here!  The staff at this store are so helpful and knowledgeable about their products which is a refreshing change. 

Week 22
Week 23
Dre had orders to make sure I didn't look like a
pasty, pregnant whale this time...he did a good job:-)

My average weight this week is 165.2 lbs which is a 1 lb gain this week.  I was pretty happy about that until I stepped on the scale yesterday and this morning.  Apparently my body and the baby are making up for the weight I didn’t put on last week!  So, overall this is a 12.2 lb gain so far this pregnancy.  I’m still working on doing more exercise.

Heartburn shows up periodically.  I’ve had indigestion today and yesterday.  I’m still feeling pretty good overall.

Baby is rolling around, kicking, and punching in there.  He’s quite the active little fellow.  Dre is obsessed with feeling the baby move around and stalks after me around the house trying to see if the baby is moving.  It’s cute most of the timeJ

No BH contractions this past week which is nice.  No stretch marks, but I have to put lotion on 3 times a day now or I get pretty itchy.

I’m looking forward to having my lunch buddy back at work.  She went for surgery on her arm and has been out for the past 2 weeks which makes for really long lunches.

Baby is the size of a papaya AGAIN this week.  I guess they stop growing as much now since the fruit stays the same for a few weeks.

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