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Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 25

Here I am in Week 25.  Months ago I thought I’d never reach this date (I’m sure I’ll say this again at some point).  This pregnancy has been surprising in many ways and it hasn’t been too hard (comparing to a lot of what my fellow bumpies on the Bump are going through).

Our car seat is finally in!  Woohoo!  We picked it up last week and now it’s sitting in the living room.  I asked Dre what we should do with it for now because I was thinking of moving it to the baby room or into the basement.  He wants to leave it where it is; he says it accessorizes our house wellJ  He’s cute. 

Chicco Keyfit in Fuego
So cute!
We had a really packed weekend this weekend.  I really wanted to go see a movie this weekend so I could indulge in my obsession over popcorn, but we didn’t have time.  We did end up going to one of our friend’s Halloween party on Saturday night (costumes required) which was a ton of fun.  Dre dressed as an Emo kid.  He let me straighten his hair and then spike it into a Mohawk.  He even let me put black nail polish on him…it was a big hit with everyone who saw it.  I was also going to put eyeliner on him, but it wouldn’t stay on and every time he blinked he looked like he’d been mugged so we washed that off.  I went as a trashy bride.  It was awesome!  I always wanted to re-wear my wedding veil so this was a great occasion.  I just pinned up the back since it’s knee length.  Here’s what we looked like…

At some point, I'll stop being so paranoid and actually post a picture of our faces.  For now, you get black bars!

Since today is Halloween, we have to rush home after work so we can be ready to give out candy when the kids start coming around.  Some of them start coming really early!  My family didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was a kid, but since I started dating Andre I’ve started dressing up for it because we’ve been invited to a costume party every year and we hand out candy.  I think that whatever people say about the roots of this “holiday” being evil, I’m going to eat my weight in chocolate today because after that I have to be good so I can go take that stupid Gestational Diabetes test this weekend.  I personally think that it’s just a fun holiday where we get to be kids again and dress up.   Since almost all of our Christian holidays have pagan roots which is a fact that a lot of people ignore, I don’t think that celebrating it is a very big deal.  I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but I think that if I decide not to celebrate Halloween because of what the day meant back in the old days then I should also choose not to celebrate Christmas since it was a pagan holiday before the Christians adopted it and made it Christmas. 

Week 24
Week 25
A few people online have mentioned the fact that when you’re pregnant you tend to have a couple of months of big weight gain.  I didn’t know that and I’m glad to know that I probably won’t be putting on almost 2 lbs every week until the baby gets here.  This week my average weight is 167.9 lbs which is a 0.8 lbs gain.  In total, I’m up 14.9 lbs so far in this pregnancy.  It’s not bad at all when you think of the number, but when you see your scale flash 170 lbs at you in the morning it kind of whacks in the head with that number.  I’m like, “WTF is 170?   Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I’m a whale!”  Then I see tons of lovely pictures taken at the Halloween Party which make me look like a blimp and I have to wonder if it’s the clothes I was wearing, the camera adding pounds, or do I just see a skinnier person when I look in the mirror because I definitely don’t see myself as that big already.  So for now, I’ll just keep going on with my random freak outs over the weight…it’s not like they’re stopping me from reaching for the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups!

The heartburn is a lot better.  When I saw the doctor last week, she gave me a prescription of Zantac that I can take as needed.  The funny thing is that Zantac is most effective when taken before you eat.  It’s hard to play psychic and figure out that you’ll get heartburn before it happens.  I’m glad I have the Zantac though since I can it if the heartburn gets really bad again.  14 weeks to go and then I can eat peanut butter and cinnamon once again!

Baby is still pretty active.  Some of the books/websites claim that the baby is now moving approximately 30 times per hour.  Yah right!  Mine is way quieter than that and I’m glad because he would seriously drive me bonkers if he moved that much.  It might just be that the baby is moving that much, but that I can’t really feel him if he’s kicking towards the inside. 

I’ve had a few BH this week and they’ve been accompanied my cramps which is great!  A lot of women say that BH never hurt, but I guess I’m in the few lucky ones that get slightly crampy, uncomfortable ones every so often.  No other stretch marks have shown up this week!  Victory!  I plan on keeping my solitary stretch mark all alone.  Of course that means I have to lube myself up with body butter and bio oil every time I think about it. 

By the way when I mentioned my sciatic nerve to the doctor, she told me there wasn’t really anything they could do about that.  Blah!  I figured that would be the answer so now I’m trying to do my yoga stretching every night to stretch the sciatic nerve and to keep away the stupid leg cramps that make me limp for 2 days that I tend to get.

I’m really looking forward to eating all that candy tonight, going to yoga tomorrow night, and then to Costco on Wednesday night (mainly because I get to look at all the awesome Christmas stuff that’s on display already…I LOVE Christmas).  Busy week, but it should be a fun one!

Baby is the size of an eggplant this week.  He’s getting pretty big!  I can tell because everyone at work feels the need to tell me how much bigger I’m getting EVERY SINGLE DAY!  It’s getting old…I wonder what they’ll have to say when I’m 9 months along…bahahahahaha!

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