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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 21

Week 21 has rolled in.  Time is starting to fly by and I have tons of stuff I need to do before this baby gets here.

Dre and I decided to go to Oktoberfest this weekend with his friends. Beer, food, friends...makes for a great time usually!  Except that it was 7C on Saturday and it started raining around 3 pm which means it was freezing cold, windy, and rainy!  We decided to leave early and then took a 2 hour nap when we got home. It was great!  I feel like I need more sleep now then I did in my first trimester.  Then I dragged Dre to a friend's house to play a board game. I love board games, but Dre hates them! We had a ton of fun...glad we did that. Dre even admitted that he kind of enjoyed that game.

Week 20
Week 21
I feel like my stomach has gotten huge in just one week!
The overall weight gain has picked up speed in the past few weeks.  My average weight this week is 162.6 lbs. which is a 1.3 lbs gain from last week. That’s the exact same amount of weight gain each week for the last 2 weeks or so.  Overall that makes a gain of 9.6 lbs since my starting weight.  I’m surprised I’m not gaining more weight overall since I keep eating massive amounts of candy, junk food, and dessert.  I need to cut all the sugar before my gestational diabetes test in a few weeks.  Especially, since I just found out that my mom had GD with all 4 of us which is why we were all such big babies.  I was an 8 lb baby and the smallest of the bunch; both of my brothers weighed 10.3 lbs when they were born.  My mom also mentioned that back then they didn’t even test you or monitor your insulin at all.  She was only tested with my older brother (2nd kid) and not with any of the others.  No diet, no exercise, nothing.  Things sure have changed a lot!

The heartburn comes and goes.  People keep telling me that it’s linked to what I eat, but apart from peanut butter (peanut butter = heartburn every time) everything else is hit or miss.  Even my broccoli chicken gave me heartburn at lunch today.   I just keep sleeping with 2 pillows every night…it’s much better than having indigestion every day...sometimes. The indigestion has pretty much stayed away unless I eat really big meals or spicy meals. I need to get better at limiting my portions even when I’m so hungry that I can just eat and eat and eat. 

Baby is still kicking me like crazy on some days; other days he stays pretty quiet.  

I finally got some maternity pants from one of my friends.  We’re both the same size and about the same height. I guess she liked wearing heels with her work pants because they all require some type of heel.  Ughh!  I haven’t really worn heels in months since my feet swell up and start hurting pretty easily.  Today, I squeezed on my ankle boots and that’s what I’ve been wearing all day.  They’re comfortable enough to walk in, but if I don’t get a seat on the bus tonight I’ll definitely be feeling them.  I think I’m going to take a trip to the maternity store in a couple of weeks and see if I can find myself a pair of black dress pants that are shorter so I can wear them with flats and some more sweaters since the cooler weather seems to have finally arrived here!

I've had some Braxton Hicks contractions. They don't really hurt, but they do make my belly really tight and somewhat uncomfortable. I don't have many of them so I'm not worried. I'll mention it to my doc at my next appointment, but I think it's fairly normal for the 2nd trimester. I still haven’t seen any stretch marks and I hope they stay away for good!  The skin on my stomach has been really itchy lately. Today, I pulled up my shirt and started slathering on belly butter stuff in my cubicle at work. I almost had a heart attack when I heard my co-worker get up and pulled my shirt down fast!  Haha!  My bump has been growing very fast lately so I guess that's why my skin feels like it’s being stretched like crazy. 

I'm looking forward to having the nursery furnished and decorated. It's starting to feel like I have no time left and I need to get all that stuff done now before Christmas preparations take over. I think I'll get Dre to call IKEA tonight to see when they might be stocking the crib that's in their new catalogue. Call me crazy, but when you send me a catalogue with something in it I kind of expect you to have it in your stores or be able to order it. 

Baby is the size of a banana this week.  These fruits don’t seem to be in order some weeks, but I guess they mean the length of a banana more than the actual size since last week baby was a cantaloupe.  

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