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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 22

It’s Week 22 and it feels like this week just snuck up on me.  I guess I’ve been pretty busy and I completely forgot about obsessing over weeks for a while!

This past long weekend, Dre and I made the long trip to Northern Ontario (where he’s from) to spend Thanksgiving weekend with his parents.  6 hour trips are definitely not my favourite thing, but they’re even better when you’re on the road with a million other crazy people.  Every time we would stop at a Tim Hortons so I could pee and stretch my legs (per doctor orders every 2 hours) there was this gigantic line for the bathroom and to buy food!  The first time we stopped we by-passed the Tim Hortons line and decided to try some Coldstones Ice Cream.  I’ve had Marble Slab Ice Cream when I lived in Florida for 5 years, but I’ve never seen either Coldstones or Marble Slab in Ontario before.  They had cake batter ice cream…so of course, that’s what I HAD to get.  It was so good!  Yumminess!  It’s funny that I’ve been so obsessed with ice cream this pregnancy since I’m really not a big ice cream person normally.

While we were at the in-laws, we visited all the grandparents, went to see an interactive museum that Dre hadn’t been to in 20 yrs (it was fun), and had Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday night (along with most other ppl even though Thanksgiving is not really until Monday) with the grandparents and the in-laws.  I think what I enjoyed the most about this trip was the fact that I didn’t have to plan or cook a single meal.  It was great to have someone cook for me for a change.  Dre does cook a lot more now, but it’s not the same (even though I really appreciate it) as having a whole 3 day weekend off of cooking.  All in all it was a good weekend.  We’re glad we took the time to go visit the ILs since we hadn’t been in quite a while and I don’t think I’ll be doing a 6 hour trip with a baby anytime soon.

Week 21

Week 22
Wow!  That's not a flattering picture at all! 
I'm sending Dre back to photography school apparently!

Since we had good food and awesome desserts all weekend, I was afraid of the scale when I stepped on it this morning.  It said 167 lbs!  Crazy!  Obviously, it’s having an identity crisis because when I stepped back on it to check it gave me a more normal 164 lbs.  I didn’t have a scale at the ILs so I couldn’t weigh myself from Saturday to Monday!  When I asked Dre if his parents had a scale, he told me yes and looked at me like a crazy person when I suggested that we bring our scale just in case.  As you can tell, the scale stayed home.  My average weight this week is 164.2 lbs which is a 1.6 lbs gain from last week.  Overall that makes for a gain of 11.2 lbs so far.  I think I need to do some more exercise to balance out the weight gain because if I keep going at this rate I’m going to definitely gain more than the recommended 25-35 lbs. 

Heartburn is kicking my ass as we speak.  I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in a couple of months when this kid gets bigger.  Apart from that I’ve been feeling good.  It’s surprising after suffering from nausea and indigestion for 4 months, but now I finally feel like I know what ppl are talking about when they talk about the 2nd trimester being the golden trimester. 

Baby is kicking more often, more consistently, and much harder.  Dre thinks it’s hilarious when I tell him that the baby is bouncing up and down on my bladder.  I’ve offered to kick him in the bladder so he can experience this awesome feeling too, but he just thinks I’m violent. 

I can see how maternity clothes get old quickly.  You don’t want to buy too much because it’s not like I’ll be wearing the stuff next year, but at the same time wearing the same pair of jeans all the time gets old!

I’ve had a few BH contractions over the last week, but nothing too noticeable.  No stretch marks in sight, but my stomach been a lot itchier lately during the day. 

I’m looking forward to my shower even though some days the subject makes me want to pull my hair out.  Since I’m only having one shower, everyone needs to be invited to this one and I’m tired of trying to figure out who I should invite between listening to my mother’s opinion of the guest list and who I think should be invited.  For my wedding shower, a number of my friends were not invited so I want to make sure that they’re invited to this one.  I’ll be happy once it’s here and I can just enjoy it. 

Baby is the size of a papaya this week.  He’s doubled in size and weight from weeks 18 to 22 according to my pregnancy books!

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