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Monday, April 11, 2011

Beat off those pounds

In the news, AF finally decided to join us.  I didn’t even need to POAS to induce her into coming!  

So now my ovulation should fall right around the time Dre and I are going for our much delayed anniversary weekend.  Dre is rubbing his hands in glee at the thought!  Hehe…

Our wedding anniversary is in February, but we had cancelled our trip to the Sandbanks where we were supposed to stay at a vineyard and take a wine tour and drinks lots and lots of wine.  The wine drinking was the problem you see since I was pregnant.  

So when I had my miscarriage, I suggested to Dre that we take a chance and rebook our trip.  So…in 2 weeks we are taking off and going to drink lots and lots of wine while doing the baby dance and not counting one damn calorie.

Have I mentioned that I’ve started counting my calories in the hopes of losing some weight.  Dear little failed pregnancy gifted me with 4 extra pounds which I managed to pack on in the month after my miscarriage.  Apparently, miscarriages are not conducive to loosing weight.

So I said, “Screw you body!  I refuse to weigh over 160 lbs!” since that would officially put my 5’7 frame into the overweight category according to all the lovely BMI charts out there.  No thank you!

Now, I could go do another boot camp with my SIL.  Side note...she wants to do another one.  She’s obviously lost her mind and yes she reads this!  The problem is that I loathe, despise and abhor exercise.  Where those words too strong to convey my dislike?  No.  Good.

Also, when we did 2 months of said boot camp I lost 0 pounds which was very depressing.  Yes, I lost some inches, but for doing thousands upon thousands (I’m not exaggerating this time) of push ups I would have thought I would lose some weight.  

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