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Friday, April 8, 2011

Plants, temps, and nerves

It is Friday people! Rejoice and dance a happy dance with me!

Then go listen to will stay in your brain forever and you'll want to stab yourself with a rusty knife though.

Ok, you're back...didn't say I didn't warn you:-)

So my sciatic nerve is acting up today.  I get this when AF is about to visit me or while she's visiting me; it's one of the ways that I know that it's coming.  Of course when I dressed this morning, I didn't realize that my sciatic nerve would bother me so I wore my skinny, tight jeans.  This morning I kept having to convince my leg that I hadn't cut off the blood supply.  Fun times!

That along with some plunging temps this morning have pretty much convinced me that this month AF will be visiting me.  I was going to POAS (pee on a stick) tomorrow, but now I think I'll wait to see what my temp is tomorrow and decide whether or not I'll wait it out.

It's really nice outside today...about 14C and sunny.  The weekend and most of next week is also gearing up to be really nice and warm so Dre wants to go scour all the garden centers this weekend. 

What?  Nope, we're not starting our gardens now. Way too early for Canada!  Learned that lesson last year. 

Dre wants to get a head start at building me boxes for our garden this year.  Last summer, our garden spent most of its life swimming in water (it rained and we found out that our backyard doesn't drain that well) so now we're making a raised garden.  I want it enclosed in wood and at least a foot high which should allow all the extra water to drain out this year.  Or so I hope!

Also, I'm going to plant all my tomato plants in planters that I'll put on our front balcony since it gets more sun.  For the garden, I was thinking tomatoes, yellow beans, salad, cucumbers, onions, garlic, potatoes, and maybe broccoli.  It's the veggies I think grow the best around here.  When we get a bigger house with a bigger backyard, I'll probably start planting a lot more stuff, but for now that's good.

This morning I brought our car to the dealership to get the summer tire put on, and oil change, and the windows tinted.  We bought a Mitsubishi Outlander 2010 in September of last year and I haven't had the time to get all the windows tinted.  The back windows did come with what they call a Privacy Tint, but that's not much help for us in the front seats and I thought the Privacy Tint was way too light. 

Now, I'm kind of nervous to see what the car looks like when I go pick it up in an hour.  Hopefully, we like it!

Plans for this weekend include doing nothing, drinking some wine, going to browse garden stuff, and possibly watching a movie or two.  I really enjoy this kind of weekend and now that summer is coming there won't be too many more.  Summer is our really busy time...we usually have something planned almost every weekend.

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