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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New laptop

So I haven’t posted much this week.  I think it’s because I’ve just been counting down the days to my 4 day weekend which starts in 2 hours!

Also, I’ve had a couple of big projects at work which have left me with no free time to put down words on paper…errr…on a computer screen…or whatever.

Today, I am on the lookout for a new laptop.  If you know me IRL (in real life), you would be asking yourself, “Why would snowclouds need a new laptop?”

Excellent question since we bought an extremely expensive laptop just last March to replace our dead desktop.  The answer!  Dre won’t share “his” laptop and leaves me with my 6 year old piece of junk that can’t do two things at once or it freezes and dies or freezes and crashes.  

So now I’m looking for a brand new laptop that I will be purchasing with my 2nd work bonus of the year (where I work we get 2 bonuses per year based on company performance and personal performance).

Yes, I will be buying a laptop instead of using the money for my student loan or for anything else that sensible.  I don’t like doing sensible stuff with my bonuses.  Also, my first bonus got paid out at the beginning of April and it mysteriously ended up in Dre’s brand new TSFA account…well not that mysteriously.  Dre met up with our investment advisor early on Tuesday to sign the papers to setup the account and I didn’t want to go downtown just to sign papers to open one for me so it all ended up in his.

Anyways, this is what my brand new laptop will look like when I get it.

Pretty isn’t it?

Yes, I will be wasting $75+tax just to make the cover prettier…it’s my laptop and I’ll do what I want to…err…cry if I want to!

Dre and I are going to wine country tomorrow.  Well, I’m not sure it’s wine country per say (is that how you spell that?), but it’s a winery with a B&B attached to it which is good enough for me.

We’re going and I’m planning on drinking lots and lots of their yummy wine, doing lots of BD since I’m supposed to ovulate sometime in the next 2-4 days, and lots of nothingness and relaxing.

We’re gonna have a great time!  I might even have pictures to post on here when we get back on Sunday or Monday…if I don’t forget my camera.

***Update:  Dumb ass Dell wouldn't customize my laptop because it was on sale and they were trying to get rid of old stock.  Okay...  So I asked what was better with the new one that was $100 more.  Answer...faster USB ports????? WTF and new generation processor.  Hmmmm, and if I went with that one I still couldn't get my pretty design on the cover as it wasn't one of the options for the new "better" laptop.  Not impressed!  I'm still getting it, but I don't think Dell did much to try to please a repeat customer so maybe next time I'll walk my money and repeat business to Futureshop or Best Buy and give them my business.

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