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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gardening plans

Do I actually have something to say today?  No, but I’ve been told that I don’t post enough anymore;-P

Dre and I are debating whether or not we’ll make a garden this year. Last year, we made one at the bottom of our tiny yard—most of the yard is taken over by a huge deck and the rest is sloping down—and we found that it screwed up the drainage of our land.   

So on Monday, Dre dug up the raspberry bushes and planted them somewhere else in our yard and covered the place where we had our garden and raspberry bushes.  And folks, it was like magic…the water instantly disappeared.  Amazing!

I know it still looks wet, but it was raining when I took this!

Now, we don’t know if we want to dig up another area of our tiny yard to make a garden because we’d also have to deal with the fact that the ground under the grass is in fact 100% clay.  So we would have to mix that crap with organic matter as the online articles say.  What the articles online don’t dwell on is that that organic matter is usually sheep crap!

Lovely picture isn’t it.  Digging around in clay/sheep crap this summer…makes me want to garden even more!

I could make the garden right by the stairs.

The other option I have is to plant potatoes in a great big garbage bin—apparently that works really well—while planting everything else in great big planters on the deck or in the backyard.  I think we’ll go visit good, old Canadian Tire again this weekend and see what we should do.

I also convinced Dre to go with me to Costco this weekend.  I love Costco!  I went with Dre’s sister—she’s my Costco buddy—on Monday, but I can always find more stuff to buy over there.  Also, Saturday is food sample time at Costco and I LOVE samples!  A lot of the time, I don’t want to buy a huge jar or pack of something that I’ve never tasted before…this is where food samples come in handy!

The real reason we’re going to Costco though is to buy to huge bags of fertilizer and seeds so that we can reseed our lawn and seed the patch of lawn we destroyed with the garden last year.

So Saturday should be really busy for me since we’re going to go visit Costco and Canadian Tire.  Then I need to clean my house and cook for my girl’s night that evening.  I haven’t figure out what I’m feeding everyone yet, but never fear there will be alcohol…lots of alcohol!  Hmmm, first I need to figure out what to cook for the girls…

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