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Monday, April 11, 2011

Finding a post title is damn hard!

 Earlier, I sent Dre an email

Me: Make a note to ask Receptionist for your March Chiropractor Expenses
Dre: But that’s why I have a wife…

The man sure likes to walk on the wild and dangerous side.  So annoying!
So then I felt the need to point out that I won’t be following him around at the chiropractor’s today making sure he asks.  His response…

Dre: But my wife love meJ 

Aw, he’s so cute and so amazingly annoying all at the same time…sassy husband!  Same as when he was helping the BIL assemble his new BBQ this weekend.  He kept asking where his beer was.  As if I was gonna go get him one.   

Hmmm, husband…have you met me?

Eventually, Dre and BIL got done with the BBQ and the in-laws fed us.  See I’m not above whoring…errrm….lending out my husband to score food.  Especially when that food is those yummy potatoes my SIL makes or the fact that she likes to drink almost as much as I do.  So of course we drank Porn Stars.  They were fabulous!

Our drink of choice was of course...PORN STARS.
 That is not one, but the glass is pretty and I don't feel like loosing my job when I googly Porn Star at work.
Wonder, how many clueless people Googled that got my post instead...hehe!

Hmmm, he reads this so I might have some explaining to do in a day or two.  

Errr, husband I wasn’t trying to get food out of your sister or taking advantage of poor BIL’s complete lack of building skills (according to SIL that is…he’s always managed to build stuff when I’m around, but that might be cause Dre’s around to keep him from injuring himself).  

Yeah, maybe I should just stop typing now…

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