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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day

So today is the day that everyone tries to sell you one crazy idea after another. 

This year...I'm ready!  Bring it on!

I even sent Dre and email informing him that I had quit my job.  And...he fell for it!  Gold, people, gold!

I'm not big on April Fool's Jokes, but last year Dre sent me an email telling me he had to work on a Saturday when we had plans and lots of stuff going on and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  I sent him a huge email about it and then he laughed his ass off at me.  So very annoying! 

So this year, it was my turn!  Hehe!  Totally, my turn to laugh my ass off.

I can remember how excited me and my younger brother would get when we were kids about this day.  We'd spend the whole week before April 1st making brightly colored fishes of all sizes.  Then on the 1st we would stalk around and lurk under furniture just so we could put one of these fishes on people without them noticing. I have no idea why we thought that people wouldn't figure out that when you slapped them on the back you had also hung a fish on their back.  They always noticed and even if they didn't we would follow them around giggling until they guessed.

We were not that smart apparently.  You might be asking why on earth we'd run around trying to hang fish on people's clothes.  Yeah, it's weird, but I think it might be because the day is called April's Fish in French.  So all the English people who've never, ever done this now think I'm certifiable.

That's OK, 'cause they're probably right!

So all of this to tell you people to go smack a fish on someone's back today or tell them some outrageous lie that they just might believe.  It will bring back lots of childhood memories....and those are the best!

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