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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finding a title is a pain in the butt...

I really like Facebook.  It lets me see what's up in other people's lives and tells me how they're doing.  It also lets me reconnect with a lot of my college friends that live very far away. 

I'm don't like telephones.  Hate them!  Now texting and messaging on the other hand...LOVE!  Texting is my language...I was clearly born in the wrong generation.  Today's teens are all about texting while a lot of my generation is just converting to smartphones and getting into the magic that is texting.

Anyways, Facebook lets me keep in contact without me having to call each and every one of them which make me a means that I love FB.

Lately though, I've found a lot of people's "opinions/rants" on their status to be either really offensive or narrow minded.  I'm not someone who's afraid of standing up for what I believe and think, but I'm also not going to start a war on FB because I don't agree with what someone says. Usually, I'll just say I don't agree and explain why, but most of the "interesting" status update on FB lately have been made by Dre's friends and I don't want to rock the boat with people that I'm just now starting to feel comfortable spending time with.  It makes this situation really frustrating.

When we had our national election a few weeks ago, one of these people posted several lengthy status updates that basically said we shouldn't tell people to go vote because they'll be uninformed voters.  And does the country really need a government elected by a few informed (read smart) voters or by a large number of uninformed (read too stupid to know who they want to vote for or why they're voting for that person) voters?

I happen to believe that every single person that does go and cast a vote has a reason to cast that vote.  I think it would be hard for someone to find a person who didn't care who they voted for and just picked a name at random...those people just don't make the effort to go vote.  So just because my reason for voting for a particular person does not seem good enough for you doesn't mean that I was an uninformed voter.  If it's important enough to get me off my couch and standing in a line to vote for that person then that reason is LEGITIMATE no matter what it is.  Government Systems can be really complicated so just because a person doesn't know everything there is to know about the system,a canditate, or the candidate's party doesn't make them uninformed.

Ughhh!  I'm getting all mad and riled up again over this! 

The other status that really rubbed my the wrong way was about the Pro-Life protests we've had over here in the last few weeks.  One person updated with...I really hate Pro-lifers.  I hope all their wives get raped.


So if I don't agree with your worldview, you think I deserved to get RAPED.  Really?

I'm just so astounded by this.  I think we all need to have a little more respect for other living, breathing human beings instead of wishing horrible things on them because they disagree with you.

Now this person is known for outrageous comments, but I think this one is pushing it a little far.  I know that sometimes we all say things that we probably shouldn't have said.  So I think it's time for people to spend some time thinking before hitting the Post button...

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