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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The weeks go by

For the last 2 days, I've been loaned out to another group at my company to help with some stuff and I haven't been able to blog so that's why the blog has been without new stuff lately.

What to say about the last week?

I'm not sure...

It was wet, long, and boring.

And then came the weekend! Yeah weekend!

We had the inlaws over for dinner on Friday night so I took a half day off on Friday and picked up around the house before they came over.  That went well.

We spent most of the time watching wedding coverage on Kate Middleton (or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as all the news insists on now calling her) & Prince William.  When I was younger, I had a HUGE crush on the guy and now that he's off the market I'm glad that he ended up with Kate.  She seems like she has a good head on her shoulders...just what the royal family needed!  She'll make a great queen one day.

The next day Dre and I spent the morning outside since it was so warm and sunny outside.  Last week it rained and this week its raining so we took advantage of the sunshine.

Then Dre went off to watch UFC or grown men beat each other to a pulp and I went off for a girl's night that involved lots of food, good wine, and witty conversation!  I had a great time!

On Sunday, we attended my oldest nephew's 1st communion.  That was interesting.  I'm not Catholic and had never been to one before, but I can tell you that I've never sat and stood as often in a 1 hour period.  I got all my exercise for the day just by doing that! 

I have to say that I was in a bad mood on Sunday and Dre wasn't making it any better even though he had no warning and it wasn't his fault.  What?  Are you telling me that the men can't read our minds?  What the hell is that?  Yeah, so Sunday was interesting.  Interesting in the way that it's surprising that my husband is still alive since he likes to play fast and loose with his annoying!  Now that I'm past my bad mood/homicidal tendencies I've decided to keep him around.  Love you babe:-)

I watched The Amazing Race on Sunday night and finally got to see pink hair and dumb, whiny boyfriend get eliminated (Vixen & Whiny Kid).  So glad about that since I couldn't stand them at all!  The finale is next week and I'm very excited about it even though my beloved Cowboys team was eliminated in the last show.  Yes, I like and watch Reality TV ppl.  I like's all trashy and amazing at the same time!  It's trashtastic!

On Monday, we had a Federal election in Canada.  It was awesome! 

Now, I normally hate elections because they drag on, the politicians sidestep all the questions and attack the other leaders, and millions upon millions of our money gets spent to elect other clowns politicians to replace the last ones who convinced us they would do such a great job or in some cases keep the same ones for fear that new ones would decide to stand by the highway at traffic hour and wave to the passing cars.  Oh wait, the one we kept allegedly did this (I didn't see it...just heard lots of ppl talking about it).

The first 2-3 weeks of the elections was just like this and then the polls started coming out saying stuff like our 3rd party (who held a government or been the official opposition of the elected government) was gaining on the Liberal Party and could possibly pass them. 

Cue gasps all over!  The outrage!  This isn't how things are done in Canada!  In Canada, we elect the Conservatives or the Liberals and the one not elected gets to be the Opposition.  The NDP don't count 'cause they have slightly crazy ideas about the economy and the Bloc Quebecois is only in Quebec so they have no hope of winning a government.

So imagine the shock when Harper won a majority government (everyone said he couldn't do it) and the NDP formed the official Opposition.  Not only did the NDP manage to make history with this...they also got more seats in the House of Commons that ever before, wrested most of the Bloc Quebecois' seats away from them, and in the process destroyed one of Canada's official parties...the Bloc Quebecois.  The Bloc needed to have 11 seats in the House to retain Official Party status, but they only managed to hand onto 4 seats.

It was a spectacular Election folks!  Now, we'll have to see what our country's elected leaders do in the next 4 years with this new political landscape.

I don't normally go on about politics, but this was a big deal here in Canada and I wanted to highlight it so that when I decide to re-read this blog when I'm 90 years old I remember what was going on.  Yes, I fully intend to live until I'm grandma is 93 and going strong so I figure I'm determined to last just as long!

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