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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thought on Mother's Day

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Don't sue me 'cause I have no money and I'm too lazy to go take my own damn picture of flowers!

I don't happen to like Mother's Day, but it's not like I can tell my Mom that.  She'd probably have a heart attack at the thought that I didn't appreciate her enough and didn't want to celebrate. 

It's not that I don't appreciate my Mom.  I do.

But when I was a kid, I thought it was just an excuse for adults to get another gift out of us because there sure was no Kid's Day.  And that didn't work with my uber logical young brain.  Also, the rationalization given to kid's that every other day is kid's day is kid actually believes you since those days don't come with cake and a present.

I happen to still think that if there's going to be Mother's or Father's Day then there should also be a Kid's Day.  Also, in the last few years I've heard about this thing called Grandparent's Day.  Goodness!  It never ends!  What's next?  Uncle's Day?

I guess this year I found Mother's Day to be hard.  In the past, I've just ignored the day (yes, ppl I still called my Mom and sent her a card...I'm not crazy yet), but now that I've had a loss it's made me realize that this day is hard for many people.

This day where we celebrate mothers and tell them what a good job they're doing is a day that for many people mean face the fact that they are not mothers.  And sometimes with our consumer society it really gets shoved into our faces that it's Mother's Day and that we don't qualify because we haven't been able to become Mothers.  No, the world doesn't do this maliciously, but I guess I've realized that this day is very, very hard for many accross the world. 

Sidenote:  I really appreciated my church yesterday.  They asked ALL ladies to come up and get a reusable bag that we were to fill with sparkly goodies like shoes and purses and not groceries and a lovely rose.  I think they did an admirable job recognizing women and not just Mothers.

I've only had one miscarriage and haven't been trying to get pregnant for years so I can only imagine how the years of pent-up grief and anger at the situation can be really be amplified by this day.

I guess this day just brought back the fact to me that I should be right around 6 months pregnant now and that very soon my old due date will be looming and there's no sign that I'm pregnant again.  If I was, it might might make all of this a little easier to deal with. 

I'm just going to keep plugging along and hope that this new cycle will be the cycle where Dre and I are lucky because it's really hard to have Aunt Flo show up the day before Mother's Day and then have your Mom going on and on about what a great Mother's Day gift a baby would be.

Don't get me wrong I love my Mom, but she's hard to deal with.  Mostly because she's so old school and will say anything she thinks even if it's hurtful if she thinks that it's her parental or religious duty to tell you. 

Also, I don't know where parents got this really weird idea that us getting pregnant would somehow be a present for them. 


Really?  Seriously? 

I'm not having a baby and pushing it out of my vagina as a present for you Parents.

Mind boggling sometimes!

That's all for my emotional ranting about Mother's Day.  All of you out there who do have lovely bundles of joy or little mischevious darlings or sulky tweens and teens, I hope you enjoyed your day and got pampered.  Over here, I just wanted to share a little of what goes through the mind of those of us who haven't been able to become a mother.

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