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Monday, May 30, 2011

Food weekend...AKA The Weekend of Yumminess

Isn't that a nice title? 

I think I'm going to have to hire a person to come up with my titles.  Takes too long to think of one that's not completely lame or boring.

So what have been up to lately?

Well...on Friday night, Dre and I went to eat with my SIL and her family at Montana's.  Of course after we'd all had a big meal, we had the brilliant idea to eat...DEEP-FRIED DONUTS!  They were heaven!  Not only were they deliciously fried goodness, they were coated in powdered sugar and accompanied with a caramel dip and a chocolate dip...HEAVEN!  Needless to say, I blew my calories on those...but it was SOOOOOOO worth it.

So yummy!
Dre had this hot skillet fillet with 2 HUGE soft chocolate chip cookies topped by iced cream and chocolate sauce.  Sooooo good!

It looked exactly like this but lots more ice cream and some chocolate drizzled everywhere.

Those desserts definitely made the calories worth it!

On Saturday, Dre went to BeerFest and I lounged around the house until I convinced myself to go buy bananas at the grocery store so I could make banana cake.  Yumminess!  After I picked up a very drunk husband who kept insisting he wasn't drunk even though he was drunk texting me before I picked him up and couldn't quite keep from giggling when we got home, I went over to a friend's house and brought my awesome cake!

Over there she served us this amazing salsa chicken.  Seriously, it was soooo good I just wanted to keep eating.  Then we watched Jurassic Park 1 & 2 'cause we're totally cool!

On Sunday night, I made these awesomely sherry marinated chicken thighs with baked potatoes and then I ate lots of them.  Again, yumminess!

Then I realized that I really should start taking pictures of all this awesome food so that when I get to Monday and want to tell you guys all about the awesome food I had this weekend I can show it to you too!  The pictures I did post are ones I found online so thank you people who remember to take pictures of their food!

FAIL at picture taking, but that's okay because I decided to tell you all about the yummy food you missed anyways!

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