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Friday, January 14, 2011

1st Doctor Apointment

I had my first appointment with my family doctor on Wednesday.  She'll be tracking me through the pregnancy and will be delivering Smurfy in September! 

The office where my doctor practices is pretty typical of Canadian offices which means no U/S equipment.  Booh!!!! When I need an u/s, I'll have to make another appointment and go to another clinic to get that done.

On another note since I'm sure when the first day of my last period was (I was charting using Fertility Friend), the doctor doesn't think I need a dating u/s at 8-10 weeks.  So no early u/s.  My first one should be at 18 weeks.  That is a really, really long time to wait to see that everything is okay and baby is floating around all happy.  When i go to my next appointment in 4 weeks, the doctor said we'll be listening to the baby's heartbeat with Doppler which is good.  I think that's gonna reassure me!

So that was basically all the info, I got at my first appointment.  The doctor did ask me 200 questions about my medical history and Dre's family's medical history. 

She did tell me, "No Zumba to be safe."  Booh!  Poor SIL is gonna have to exercise all by herself!  Doc thinks that it's safer to do low impact aerobic and no "jumping" exercise.  I guess I will become friends with walking in the freaking cold...I live in Canada the time I get home at night it's about -15 to -20 Celsius (-4 to 5 Fahrenheits).  Makes it hard to motivate myself to go exercise.  I haven't convinced Dre yet that walking in the mall and buying things qualifies as exercise...never fear he'll come around!

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