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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Bargains & Vermont

When we went to Vermont this past weekend, I bought Baby Bargains at Barnes and Nobles.  Yes, they sell it in Canada, but the CAD$ is pretty much at par with the USD$ making this a much cheaper book if you buy it in the States.

I'm about 2/3 through reading it right now and I think it's fantastic.  They give you tons of websites where you can find their recommended items and they don't only review 2 or 3 items in all the categories.  A lot of their bigger categories, like cribs, review all the manufacturers of the product available in the US and Canada!  I also found it really helpful that they put a section in every chapter about the things they consider to be a waste of money--that is a great tool for first time mommies like me.

Alright, enough about baby books for now!  We went to Vermont this weekend to see my Mom's side of the family for my aunt's 60th birthday.  We all showed up at the restaurant and completely surprised my aunt who had no idea that we were all coming!  It was great!  Unfortunately, the restaurant was a seafood and fish restaurant.  I don't like and don't eat fish, but I'll eat seafood; however, since getting pregnant the thought of fish and seafood makes me ill.  I made it through though!

I did find that it is really, really awkward when your whole table has a toast and you only have a water glass and they're all like, "Ohhhh, you're not drinking?"  And I'm all, "Noooooooooh..."  Then you can't think of any good excuses for not drinking. 

I did tell my mom and Dre told his parents about me being pregnant this weekend and both sides reacted by crying when we told them the news.  Grandparents are way too attached to what is going on in my uterus I tell you!  It was really cute though when Dre's mom was going on about her baby having a baby.  My mom also told me she hoped I didn't go with the new pregnancy, clothes that fit you instead of wearing mumus or tents.  LOL, she's too funny.  She'll just have to deal with me wearing clothes that fit instead of trying to hide my tummy as if I should be ashamed that I'm growing a life.  Sometimes, my mom makes me wonder...if we listened to her women rights would go back about 200 years, but I still love her.  I'm sure she'll tell me more equally ridiculous stuff that I'll mention on here at some other point.

Have a good Hump Day people and remember Friday is coming!  I love Fridays...they mean that the weekend is here and weekends are GLORIOUS!

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