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Friday, January 28, 2011

Food...what else is there in life

I think I'm going to have to purposefully eat better.  So far little Smurfy hasn't let me eat very healthy stuff at all so I've been trying to supplement my lack of veggies with eating more fruits.  Dre and I are going to go grocery shopping tonight and I think I'll have to plan what my snacks are going to be for the next week because I don't think my current chocolate granola bars count as very nutritious and healthy!

On another eating note, I'm trying to decide what I would like to eat for our weekly eating out meal.  (Dre and I are trying to keep the eating out to a maximum of once a week so we can save money for when the baby comes.)  I can't decide if I want Pho (Vietnamese), Stir-fry (Mongolian), or Won Ton soup (Chinese)!  Decisions, decisions, decisions!  It's so hard!  I think it might be vietnamese or mongolian tomorrow if we don't end up going to Dre's friend's birthday party at a bar where I'm going to have to come up with new reasons for not drinking again--2nd Trimester cannot come quickly enough for me!

Tonight, however, we are eating Penne alla Vodka.  Yes, people, I will be eating lots and lots of pasta with sauce that has lots and lots of vodka in it and 35% cream!  GASP!  I can't wait!  I might even live dangerously and make a salad to go with that, but we'll just have to see.

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