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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nursery Stuff

Since I’m slightly crazy, I’ve already picked out a crib and change table for Smurfy.  Here it is! 

Pretty eh?

The reason Dre and I picked out a crib so early in my pregnancy is that my SIL had offered us various baby pieces from when my nephews were babies.  One of those things was a crib and change table.  It’s a really nice crib and in really good condition so Dre and I said, “Sure, we’d love to have it.” or something like that. 

Then, I decided to start researching crib safety guidelines in Canada and the US.  OMG!  I nearly died when I found out that you should never, ever, ever use a crib that is older than 1986—my mom had been putting both my nieces in a crib that is at least 30 years old for their entire young lives which made me very, very glad that we convinced her to get rid of it 2 years ago.  Now there’s no chance of her trying to put Smurfy in it!  SIL’s crib was made in 2002 so no problems there.

I decided to look at what Consumer Reports had to say about cribs—I love Consumer Reports and read everything they have to say about something before I buy it—they went into a lot of details about what to look for in a crib and all that.  They also stated that drop-side cribs were not necessarily banned as of yet, but several proposals have been put forth to ban them as a lot of newer drop-side cribs have plastic hardware instead of good old metal hardware which makes them dangerous after energetic toddlers try to shake the life out of them.  So Dre and I decided to get a crib that does not have a drop-side.

We also explored the idea of buying a crib that would one day become the last kid’s permanent grown up furniture and WE LOVE IT since it means less money to spend.

So because SIL’s crib has a drop-side (this could have been fixed with a manufacturer kit), does not convert into a big bed, and is unfortunately not white, espresso, or black, we have decided to acquire a new crib.  And for some reason, Dre thought refinishing SIL’s the crib would be more work than he wanted to do…hehe!  He kept trying to convince me that I liked the color and thought it matched the nursery room color.  He’s a funny one!

The added bonus of this crib is that it has a dresser/change table that you can buy.  When the kid is a baby, it’s a change table and when he grows up, it’s a dresser…VOILA!  Perfection!

Now I just have to find bedding, organic sheets and mattress—not easy in Canada—and cutesy baby stuff.  What do you think of these as a start?

Too precious!  I love polka dots and so by God this kid will love polka dots too!

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