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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blah Thursday

In the online world, a lot of people refer to Thursday as "Thankful Thursday"  where you list things you are thankful for both IRL (in real life) and online.  I must say that today does not feel like "Thankful Thursday" it feels like BLAH Thursday! 

In an effort to make my Thursday much less BLAH I have decided to do this thing called "Thankful Thursday".  Are you tired of reading "Thankful Thursday" yet?  No?  Good!

1.  For going to make 6 dinners at this wonderful place that lets you come over (for money of course) and dirty their kitchen to make your dinner from fresh, pre-cut ingredients.  Did you hear that?  Pre-cut!  Hallelujah, the heavens opened and the angels sang...I don't have to cut my own veggies!  This makes paying them money for something I could just do at home so so so so worth it!  What will I be making you ask...QUESADILLAS...that's right people I will finally have quesadillas tonight!!!!

2.  My wonderful hubby who is sick as dog right now with the flu, but is so cute because he's so worried me and the baby will catch it.  I keep telling him I have an immune system of steel because I go to the Chiropractor regularly--he doesn't believe me...whatever!

3.  Friends who let me go on an on about being pregnant since they're the only ones that know and if I don't tell someone about the ridiculous cheese and beef cravings I'll go crazy!  Did I mention that dinner last night was a cheeseburger...and...gasp Kraft Dinner?  I'm eating like a five year old.

4.  It's a beautiful, sunny, winter day!  I love winter.  It might be why Dre and I tied the knot in winter almost 2 years ago.

I think I got rid of my blahness now!  Thanks everyone!  Please proceed on to TGIF because that is everyone's favorite day of the week...

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