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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 11 is here!

Week 11 has arrived and along with it came a great doctor’s appointment!

So to start, here is the picture from this week.  Ignore my dirty kitchen…I don’t have the energy to care about the crumbs right now.

Week 10
Week 11 and 3 days

Everyone who keeps insisting that they barely have a stomach and don’t have any bloat is very lucky.  I was not anywhere close to my ideal weight when I got pregnant so I guess it shows.  My uterus which has now peeked over my pelvic bone seems to be pushing all the fat, blubber, and bloat and giving me a very definite bump already.  I can’t wait till I get to 20 weeks so that when someone asks me how far along I am I don’t have to mumble, “Hmmm, 11 weeks.”  I still love the bloat/blubber bump thoughJ

Doctor’s scale has my weight down by 4 lbs, but my scale is still saying down 2 lbs.  Now that the digestion is cooperating and that I’ve started eating dessert and snacking more I think my weight should bounce back soon enough.  Also since I’m starting the 2nd trimester in a couple of weeks, I should start putting on 1-2 lbs a weeks anyways.

Nausea is still around and seems to be particularly bad when I’m at work.  My doctor suggested taking the Diclactin she prescribed before I go to bed so that I feel better in the morning.  I think I might start doing that for a few days to see if it helps.  The indigestion is mostly gone, but I’m still paranoid so I’m eating pineapple every day and drinking ginger tea or eating ginger candies every day.

I live in skirts and dresses right now.  I cannot stand the sight of my work pants and I refuse to buy 10 pairs of dress pants for this pregnancy.  I did buy pregnancy capris, but I can’t wear those every day so all the other days I’m styling in a dress.  It’s a good thing the temperature over here has been scorching for the last 3-4 weeks.  

No stretch marks, but I have a really bad sunburn from my girl’s weekend.  I put on sunscreen everywhere every couple of hours which is usually more than enough for me.  I burnt so badly that I went and bought SPF 60 for my trip.  No more burning for this mama!  The worse thing about these burns is that now they’ve started itching unbearably.  It makes me want to scratch my skin off!  I read that itchy skin can be a problem during pregnancy and when I read that I was thinking, “How bad could itchy skin be?”  Hmmm, bad!

I’m still waking up every night to go pee, no movements yet, and I’m convinced it’s a girl, but Dre is really hoping for a little boy.

Tomorrow, we leave for the Maritimes to go spend a week with my brother and wander around Eastern Canada visiting places we haven’t seen a long time or have never seen.

Baby has a strong HB of 174 BPM as of Monday’s appointment.  Dre was asking me if I still wanted to buy a Doppler and I said, “No.”  I think I’ve changed my mind.  I want to be able to listen to the baby every day…it’s my happy place that keeps me from being irrational about the possibility of losing this pregnancy.  Once it’s happened to you, I don’t think you can totally let go of the idea that the baby might not make it for whatever reason and hearing it every day would reassure me…especially now that we’ve started telling everyone.

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