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Monday, July 4, 2011


Week 8 has arrived!  Yay!

I had my ultrasound last Thursday and it went GREAT!  The tech asked us if this was our first pregnancy and I told her no that I’d miscarried in March.  So as soon as she started the ultrasound she told me, “Well, you’re definitely pregnant.” And then proceeded to show me everything and point out the sac and the baby. She also told us that the baby was exactly on track at 7w5d and that he/she had a strong HB at 153 beats/min.  

That was definitely a relief to both Dre and I.  We got a picture of the u/s and then went to pick up my mom from the train station.  We told her when we got home by giving her the card that had the u/s picture in it. Her response, “What is this?  Is this a picture of the baby you lost?”  

Really, Mom?  I swear my mom could make sane ppl BSC.  So, now that we’ve straightened her out she’s happy, but already driving me crazy with useless advice.  As if I don’t know that resting is good.  Really?  Then, she told me that she plans on being around after the baby is born to help out.  Hmmm, yeah…probably not as she’ll drive me crazy in the first 2 days.  Now, I need to tell her this.

Then Dre called his mom to tell her and she was ecstatic too!  

Now, I have to work on an email to my siblings so they all know.  We also told the parents they could tell relatives, but that I didn’t want anyone to comment on my FB as I don’t plan on telling ppl at work until I’m 13 weeks which will be in the beginning of August.

I need to decide if I’ll tell all of our friends or wait until we do a big reveal on FB.  4 weeks is not so long to wait right.

Now I'm really looking forward to our 20 week u/s at the end of September which is when we'll find out if the little lovebug is a baby boy or a baby girl.

Anyways, this weekend was great because of that news, but the symptoms definitely made life harder for me…more on that tomorrow when a do my weekly update.  

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