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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How m/s is trying to kill me

Week 7

Week 8
I feel like I've gotten huge.  I definitely look pregnant all the time.  It's getting hard to keep a secret because I've gotten a few interesting looks from co-workers already

So this is Week 8 and m/s is kicking my ass big time.

It is soooooo bad!  All day every day and I tell myself, “Only 4 more weeks of this.”

Fingers crossed that it stops sooner!  On one hand the nausea reminds me that I’m pregnant and that my hormones are high, but on the other hand I want to want to eat food again.  

Weight on Saturday was 151.2 lbs.  Yikes!  On Monday morning and today it was around 153 lbs though which is good.

I did go shop for some more maternity clothes last Thursday.  I had bought some last time around and just stored them in my closet.  So this time, I bought some cute crop pants with an elastic waist.  So comfy!  I guess this is where you start to see what your Grandma sees in elastic waist pants.

No stretch marks so far and my boobs just keep growing.  Pretty soon I’m going to need new bras.  Also, my nipples are ginormous...who knew they grew so much just in the first few months.  

No baby movement and sleep is still good.

Still no cravings, but I have so many food aversions that it’s starting to become ridiculous.  For a few days I lost the nausea, but got a BAD case of indigestion where you feel like you’re always full ‘cause your stomach is not digesting properly.  Ughhh!  I hate that feeling.  After putting myself on a diet of ginger tea, it passed and now the nausea is back.  I guess if I have to choose between the nausea and the indigestion…I’ll pick the nausea.  

So now I’m going to go home and hopefully eat lots of cake since it’s my 28th birthday today.  Yeah me!  My mom is also here and cooking me dinner which is really nice.  I’ll post about it some more tomorrow. 

Still hoping for a girl BTW, but people keep telling me they think I’ll have a boy.  What’s up with that?

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