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Monday, July 18, 2011

Are prunes cute?

I’ve now begun week 10!  Yay for double digits and being a quarter of the way there!  When you look at pregnancy as being 9(10) months, it seems like such a long time.  But when I think that I’m already at 10 weeks which means the baby is 25% done then I think it’s going by crazy fast and that I’m not ready at all.

I am ready for the 2nd tri though.  This is what I look like now…

Week 9
Week 10
I kind of look bigger last week, but Dre takes the pictures closer some weeks and farther away some weeks. 
I also definitely look pregnant most of the time.  I have a “bump” even though part of it is bloat or whatever.  For now it’s cute, but I’m sure that when I venture into the hugely pregnant stage I’ll have a much different opinion of what I look likeJ

My weight has been bad.  I was down 1.5lbs on Saturday and this morning I was still down 1 lbs.  I’m sure that when I go to the doctor’s next Monday the nurses are going to frown at me and tell me I lost weight which isn’t good.  Apparently none of them have ever gotten morning sickness and complete food aversions.  I seriously have to spend a lot of time thinking about possible dinners as I don’t feel like eating anything most of the time and nothing sounds good ever.  It makes meal planning very interesting.  Thankfully, Dre doesn’t seem too bothered by my crazy eating habits or my indecisiveness when it comes to food lately.

I’m still getting some morning sickness.  I had some for 2.5 days last week; so it’s definitely getting better. The indigestion is still sticking around.  It’s not quite as bad since I’ve started eating pineapple twice a day and drinking ginger tea before or after dinner to help my digestion.  Also, breakfast is a fruit shake with some yogurt and Ensure (meal replacement) in it to make sure that I’m getting better nutrition that I’ll easily digest every morning.

I want and bought some more maternity stuff last Friday with my mom.  I have a feeling that I’ll spend lots of money on that stuff, but I’m just so sick of not fitting into anything that I own.  I can definitely wear all my old shirts for a couple more months if not more, but pants are already problematic.  So I bought a dress and my mom bought me a dress that I can wear all summer and fall.  And they are so comfy!  Win!

I still have no stretch marks and I can say that I’m not very diligent at putting stuff on my stomach.  I think I’ll have to get better with that soon so that when my stomach starts growing really fast my skin is hydrated.  

Still waking up once or more a night to go pee, no movements yet, and I still am hoping for a girl.

This week I miss wine.  Yummy, yummy summer wines sipped while sitting on a warm patio in the summer sun.  I’m looking forward to our vacation next week.  Can’t wait to see my brother’s new puppy and go exploring the Maritimes.  I’ve been to Halifax before, but I was only there for a short trip in spring.  So this should be a much different experience.

So now I’m counting down the days to seeing my doc and hearing the baby’s HB on Doppler…hopefully!  I have a tilted (inverted uterus) so that makes it really challenging to hear the HG before 12 weeks.  Fingers crossed!

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