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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainbow farting unicorns

Here are my pics of the week!

Week 8 and 2 or 3 days
Week 9 and 4 days
 So they're hard to compare 'cause Dre doesn't take pics the same way every time, but I'm definitely getting huge.  This is me not pushing my stomach out and not really holding it in either.

It's getting hard to hide being pregnant at work.  I have to wear sweaters every day and button them when I'm walking around.  Apparently since the baby is the size of an olive this is all bloat.  Uh huh.  Whatever!  I appear to be one of those blessed people that will look pregnant early on and end up looking like a beached whale by the end.

Although I definitely need to get Dre to take a picture of me EVERY week at the beginning of my week instead of when I remember.  ::Making mental note!::

So whenever I complain about the wonderful symptoms of 1st trimester pregnancy I get blank stares (those are the never had kids people), assurances that I won't remember any of it in 7 months (my mom and Dre...AKA the annoying people), or agreement that it sucks.  Guess who I like the best?  The ones who agree with me of course.  The ones who insist that being pregnant is the most wonderful thing in the world.  That it's all unicorns farting rainbows to carry a baby are really really freaking annoying!  They obviously forgot everything from when they did this 5 freaking times (Mom).  I also gets looks of sheer horror about my complaining as if I'm holding it against my unborn baby. 

Well, I'm going to love this baby when it's born, but I also know that I have the type of temperament who will remember exactly how much it sucked to be pregnant and I can pretty much guarantee 100% that I won't forget everything just because I now have a baby in my arms.  So in the end I will love my little lovebug, but I will also remember this the next time we decide we want more kids! 

A friend of mine (who doesn't have any kids) asked me if there was anything good about being pregnant.  I had to think about this.  My there isn't.  I've been through the 1st tri twice now so I'm looking forward to this golden 2nd trimester.  Of course, I'm aware that a baby will come from all the nausea and indigestion and everything else, but sometimes that's hard to keep in mind as I sit at my desk trying not to throw up in my garbage can.

So that's my anti-unicorn rant of the day.  Ask me what I think of being pregnant in September and I might decide that there are some unicorns prancing in my backyard:-)

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