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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freaking Day!

***Warning:  There will be swearing…don’t say you haven’t been warned***

I’m really, really, really angry.  Really fucking angry!  As easy as it is to annoy me, it’s not actually easy to make me truly angry, but my doctor’s office managed that feat today!

So yesterday, I had my 2nd doctor’s appointment and I was so excited.  Since I haven’t had an early ultrasound, I’m counting on hearing the heartbeat at my appointment to confirm that everything is all right with my little bean.  

So the doctor tries to find the heartbeat with Doppler, but she’s having a really hard time.  So finally, she tells me that I probably have an inverted uterus and that’s why it’s hard to hear and that I am really early still (11 weeks 3 days) which in my opinion I was not that early according to everything I read online.  So she gets another doctor in the room to operate the Doppler while she pushes up on my uterus.  OMG!  That is the worse pain I have ever felt in my entire life.  And we couldn’t hear the heartbeat.  So she tells me that she’ll request an ultrasound for me, and while we’re at it, she’ll also request my 18-20 week ultrasound.

So off we go thinking everything is all good and I try to distract myself from the possibility of my having had a miscarriage and just not knowing it.  Dre is trying to cheer me up and tell me everything is all right and pissing me off mostly.  I called my mom and told her what was happening and she told me that she also had an inverted uterus, but that was never really a problem for her.  

Then I go to my Chiropractor appointment, BIG mistake!  I’ve been texting what’s happening to my SIL and BFF all the while and they’re being very, very nice so I start crying in the waiting room.  Managed to get myself under control, but after my adjustment the chiropractor asks me what’s wrong.  I ended up telling him the whole story and sobbing like a lunatic in his exam room. Yeah for pregnancy hormones! 

I went home and apparently my SIL had been putting Dre straight and informing him that acting like a man is not helpful in any way.  So he was all sweet and concerned and that made me cry more!  I cried a lot ‘kay!

Forward to today, Dre and I are waiting for a phone call from the ultrasound clinic to book my ultrasound.  At noon, Dre calls the clinic because we haven’t heard from anyone yet and he finds out that the clinic hasn’t gotten a request for an ultrasound for me yet.  He calls the doctor’s office just to find out that there is no damn note in my file even asking the receptionist to book me an ultrasound!  By this time, I’m already livid and beyond stressed!  So Dre gets the receptionist to talk to the doctor so she can put the request through and tell us what kind of ultrasound she wanted us to get so we can just book it on our own.  

We wait for a few hours and just as I’m about to call them back, the receptionist calls me to tell me she booked it!  So, I’m thinking, “What a relief!”  No!  It’s booked for fucking April 4th when I’ll be exactly 18 weeks.  WTF!!!!!!!  I tell her that I did need that ultrasound booked, but that the doctor was also sending me for an immediate ultrasound.  She reads me to note from the doctor and amazingly there is NO mention of an ultrasound right away so I don’t lose my fucking marbles by having to wait another 6 weeks to hear the heartbeat.  After some discussion—which happened at my desk BTW with people who have no idea I’m pregnant within hearing distance—we decide that she’ll ask the doctor about the other ultrasound right away.

By this time, steam is coming out of my ears and I just want to march down to my doctor’s office and tell them what I think in very loud, colourful language.
***End of break***

Finally, she called me back to tell me that I had an ultrasound booked for next Wednesday.  Hallelujah!  I called Dre and told him the good news and he being the sweet man that he is called the ultrasound clinic and got my appointment moved to tomorrow at 11:00am!  Huge relief!

Now I just have to figure out how to drink 32oz of water in 10 minutes one hour before my appointment.  Probably impossible to do so I’m testing it right now and it’s been 37 minutes and I have to go pee a lot already.  So I’m thinking I’ll drink their 32oz of water 30 minutes before my appointment ‘cause I don’t think they’ll take me the second I walk through the door.  

Anyways, I can say that I don’t think I’ve ever been as stressed as I’ve been in the last 24 hours.  I’ll post the results of the ultrasound tomorrow and I’m sure we will be able to start telling everyone we know that I’m pregnant.  Finally!

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