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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So it's snowing here today.  I know Southern Ontario and most of the US are being hit with a much bigger snowstorm, but we're having one here.  Since I live in Canada, you would assume that snow is no big deal right! 

Well, they predicted 15-20 cm (6-8 inches) and I was like...that's all!  We've barely had any snow this winter!  It keeps snowing everywhere else except for here!  Hahahaha!  I shouldn't have these conversations with myself apparently 'cause someone heard me!

This is what it looks like outside my office window!

The snow is blowing sideways and it's creating whiteout conditions!  It gives a whole new meaning to 6 inches of snow I tell ya!  I take the bus to come to work which is a good thing on days like today.  When everyone else is stuck in traffic for 2+ hours, I'm at the office all toasty and warm.  However, walking to the damn bus stop with snow blowing up your nose and in your eyes so that you have to walk hunched over with shuffled feet so you don't wipe out on the ice hidden under the new snow is definitely an experience, a very unique not the be repeated ever experience! 

I still love the white stuff though!  Ever since, I lived in Florida for 5 years I have appreciated winter a lot more--nothing like hurricanes and torrential downpours to make you appreciate light, fluffy, pretty snow.

So, now I'm off to battle the crazy snow so that I can get home and hide under my blankets with my comfy yoga pants and vow that I'm never, ever leaving the house again because I love being warm too much...

Until tomorrow comes and then I'm gonna do it again...minus the snow though

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