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Friday, February 4, 2011


It's a gorgeous day outside today!

After all the snow and cold weather we've had lately, this kind of weather is a welcome change.  It's sunny and warm (as in -5 C) which is rare in Canada.  Usually it's sunny and bitterly cold (as in -40 I'm not making that up).

So, I told Dre that we had to do something this week because staying inside cooped up is driving me insane!  Usually, we would go skiing on such a perfect weekend.  Skiing when it's not too cold is perfect!  However, since finding out that Smurfy--or my little olive as Dre calls the baby--was on the way, I am no longer able to ski this year and since the baby is going to be born in September I'm not sure I'll get to ski next year too.

Yes, some people just keep on skiing as long as they take care not to do anything too dangerous, but the problem is that I'm now at a skiing level that just doesn't lend itself well to the avoiding sudden twists and changes of directions.   Also, you can't control other skiers or snowboarders who might lose control or smash into you.  It's happened to me before!  So no skiing for me!

So we decided to join some friends for the winter activities our city is having.  I was all about skating, but Dre has developed a sudden phobia about me skating and falling over.  I'm sure he's forgotten that I'm an excellent skater and that I haven't taken a fall while doing leisurely skating in over 4-5 years--usually when I fall I'm trying something insane like a jump or a twirl...I'm not good at any of that stuff--so no skating tomorrow.  We are, however, most likely going to take in the snow sculptures and go walk--not skate--on the canal and eat BEAVER TAILS!

I know, I know, we crazy Canadians actually cook and eat beaver tails and we like it!  Actually, they're a pastry that's deep fried then dipped into yummy stuff like cinnamon sugar, nutella, or powdered sugar.  Very, very, very yummy!


I can't wait for tomorrow!  So my challenge to you my reader...wait does anyone read, who challenge is to go outside and do some fun winter stuff tomorrow.  You'll just love winter that much more after:-)

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