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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm too lazy to think of a cool title. Sooooooo...

Hello Blog.

I guess I don't really know what to talk about today.  I'll think of something... Let's talk about yesterday.

Yesterday, I went to my annual chiropractic appointment.  Yes, I see a chiropractor regularly; with his help I have almost no migraines anymore!  Since we weren't able to take the yearly x-rays in January because of my being knocked up, he didn't have to most accurate info on how I'm doing.  He did show me my old x-rays from a year ago and it shocked me again how bad my spine is.  I had completely forgotten that I have a huge s in my spine.  He also told me that my pelvic bones weren't facing each other like most normal people, but were slightly rotated.  Awesome!  I wonder if that will create problems when it's time to push out my little bundle of joy? 

Anyways, Chiropractor wants me to start doing some different types of traction and since I've had really bad back aches since getting pregnant I decided to try one of them out right away--yeah, I should have waited for the class to show me how to do it or not done it on my hard wooden floor!  I had to get Dre to come pull me up 'cause I couldn't get up on my own.  Nice, eh?

Then, I had my dentist checkup in the afternoon.  My dental hygienist is a friend of the family and has known me for a while.  I told her I was pregnant and she tells me that she totally knew it 'cause I look pregnant!  Apparently, I look "poofy"!  Blah!  It's too early to start look "poofy"!

The good thing is that she has 13 month old twins and was practically dancing with glee over the fact that she could give me the entire content of her basement (baby stuff).  I was dancing with glee over the fact that she has really good infant carriers which will still be good when Smurfy is born along with the bases and all the "toys" I didn't really wanna spend money on like the Exersaucers.  She has three!  I have to say that that was my most productive dental appointment ever:-) 

The dentist did ask me how getting my wisdom teeth taken out in September went.  I told him it was the worst experience of my life.  Honestly, I've heard all the good stories out there about how people started eating normal food the day after or even the same day and they had no pain...  How nice for you!  Mine was horrible!  I got a dry socket because the Oxycodone made me throw up and the pressure from throwing up dislodged the blood cloth in my incision.  I was in pain and on meds for 3 weeks. 

Only good thing about the experience is that I got put under for the surgery and I have no bad reactions to general anesthesia.  Hurray!  I've always been very paranoid that if I had to get surgery for any reason I would be one of those people who stay awake under anaesthesia or something horrible like that.  I have an overactive imagination when it comes to things like this!

Anyways, that was my day yesterday!  Also, we had sloppy joes for dinner along with tortilla chips and queso dip...I eat like a 5 year old!  Tonight, we're having a salad 'cause I think I really, really need more veggies in my diet.

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