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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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The ultrasound on Friday turned out to be exactly what I thought.  Bad!  I love it when I'm right.

After in external and internal (vaginal) ultrasound, the tech had us wait around for an hour for their doctor to "Review" the results.  Then she told us to go home and call the doctor--that just sounds good doesn't it!  Since we could see the ultrasound and I'm pretty familiar with what we should have been seeing I knew that it was not good as soon as it started.  After a call to the doctor, we were told that the doctor would call us back once she received the report.

She called us a couple of hours later and told me exactly what I suspected.  The ultrasound did not show a baby or a heartbeat.  Apparently that could mean 2 things.  It could mean I miscarried at 5ish weeks and my body forgot to get the memo or it could mean that I don't know how to count and I'm really not that far along.  Considering that I know when I ovulated (December 15) and that I got 2 positive HPT on December 31st and January 1st that seems pretty unlikely.

So she sent me for beta testing where they check the HCG levels in my blood on 2 different days to see how they are.  We were supposed to meet with the doctor tonight to get a definite answer, but because of stupid Family Day (Ontario holiday) every damn lab in Ottawa was closed.  So, I had to go do my second blood draw this morning.  We're seeing the doc tomorrow at 1PM and hopefully we'll have news one way or another.

I'm trying to be positive because stranger things have happened to a lot of people and I believe that miracles can happen, but that is a very, very hard thing to do when you are not one of those happy, happy, everything is always good type of person.

Anyways, I will update tomorrow with what the doctor tells us and what our options are after that. 

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