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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update: It's a Mystery!

So Dre and I are nowhere closer to having an answer on whether or not I'm having a miscarriages or my baby is playing hide and seek.

We met with our doctor yesterday who let us know that my second blood draw hadn't been tested by the lab yet.  It's been 24 hours people--get your ducks in a row!  So we discussed the possibilities and reviewed my results from Friday's blood draw.  Results were encouraging as they showed me having HCG levels of 18000 and change.  These are not as high as they should be if I'm 12 weeks, but they're pretty high nonetheless. 

This was somewhat encouraging to Andre and I, but we really need the second results to have definite answer on what is happening in my uterus.  The doctor was supposed to call the lab yesterday at 4 (the lab requested they do this) for the results and then call me with them.  Well, we didn't get a call which means that she couldn't get my results because they weren't ready.  Argh!  More waiting...I think God is trying to teach me to be patient.  So fast forward to now--today, 2PM--we still haven't heard from the doctor and now we're wondering if the lab is really inept that they can't do a single HGG count in the last 48 hours that they've had my blood or did my doctor "forget" to call me with the results or forget to even call for the results.  It's a mystery and it's driving me BSC right now.  Also,  the doctor wanted me to have another ultrasound if my levels were rising so she had her staff schedule one for me right away...tomorrow at 11:20!  It would be kinda helpful if I knew something by then don't you think? 

Good thing we're going out with the in-laws tonight for dinner.  I need distractions from this soap opera life I'm leading!  I think I might brave my utter hatred of telephones and actually call my doctor for the 15th time this week and ask them where my @#!%#$ results are.  I "might" be nicer in the way I phrase it so that they're actually inclined to do what I'm asking.

So...I"ll update...soon...I hope!

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