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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All is Good!

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  This was my last monthly visit.  From now on, I see her every other week until 36 weeks and then every week.  So she had me schedule all of my remaining appointments until she goes on maternity leave. 

***Side note, she’s pregnant and due 7 days after me.  She’s working until I’m 36 weeks and then my care is being transferred to her OB.  Have never met this OB so I hope I like her since I think it’s too late to find a new one at 37 weeks which is when I’ll meet her.***

I am going to be seeing my doctor a lot in the next 2 months!  It’s funny because I feel like I really don’t have many questions for her anymore.  She just measures my uterus height and listen’s to baby’s heart and then we’re done.  Uterus was measuring at 29 cm yesterday.  Normally at 28 weeks you would expect me to measure 28 cm, but doctors aren’t too concerned by a +/-2 cm variance. 

She also poked all around my uterus trying to figure out where baby’s head was.  She thinks he’s head down.  He hasn’t been until yesterday though.  He did this major flip and exercise routine midday yesterday and I guess he decide to get in place.  That’s good because I didn’t want him staying breech.  I know he could flip back around just as easily since he still has quite a bit of room to move right now, but he doesn’t do the big major somersaults very often so we’ll see.

I did pass my gestational diabetes test with no problems.  The CBC panel run on the extra blood drawn didn’t show anything bad and it showed that I’m not anemic.  Yay!  No extra iron pills for me.

I did have to pee in a cup yesterday.  This isn’t exactly news since they make you pee in the damn cup every time you go to the office when you’re pregnant.  I’ve recently noticed that I cannot see my lady bits anymore which makes peeing in a small container is really, really hard.  It’s hard to aim for something that you can barely see!  I have no idea what I’ll do at the end since I won’t be able to see anything by then.  I ended up peeing all over that damn container.  It’s a good thing that the nurses wear gloves!

So everything is going well.  Next appointment is coming up in just 2 weeks!

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